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How LinkedIn Recommendations Can Help Your Career and Business

By shaheryar | Latest-Updates | 23 Oct 2020

Gone are the days when individuals on the job hunt submitted printed recommendation letters to potential employers. Today, everything is digitized. This digitization has opened various opportunities for job-seekers and businesses alike.

Social platforms are playing an essential role in connecting people for fun, entertainment, business, and even career growth. As we talk about career and business growth, LinkedIn recommendations are at the top.

LinkedIn recommendations are proof of an individual's competency, skills, and abilities. They help improve the employability of an individual, kickstart their career, and help them grow. Employers and colleagues give these online recommendations to bolster an individual's online work profile.

Meaningful LinkedIn recommendations act as an asset. They highlight your strengths, help gain a competitive edge in the market, and provide a way to stay active in the business network.

To get these recommendations, you need to ask your colleagues, friends, and family. However, it is essential to analyze the accomplishments to highlight, skills to showcase, and certifications to be displayed beforehand.

Let us see why LinkedIn recommendations are beneficial for our career:

Benefits of LinkedIn Recommendations

Following are some of the greatest benefits of LinkedIn recommendations:

1.     The Trust of Potential Employers

With new talents rising each other day, getting a job is becoming more and more difficult. It is because the corporate arena has become immensely competitive. Brands are in a rush to beat their competitors. For this, they need highly-skilled employees. Hiring an incompetent employee can be a major risk for a brand's reputation. Therefore, employers are going through every possible step to ensure that the employee can perform better. No matter how many tests and interviews, an employer may schedule, reviews from the former employer are the best proof of employee competence.

2.   More Authentic than LinkedIn Profile

Experts recommend creating a professional level profile on LinkedIn. The profile should showcase your talents, strengths, and achievements. However, employers may not rely on the strengths highlighted by your profile because you have written it yourself. Here recommendations play a big role; since they are given by a third-party, they seem more authentic than anything you write yourself.

3.   Complete Review of Skills

LinkedIn recommendations make prospective employers analyze the performance of the potential employee. This gives an idea if the person is able to mingle in the present culture of the company or not. Besides this, it also shows the work ethics, values, and other aspects of the person.

4.   Standing Out From the Crowd

Almost everyone adds their skills and achievements on their profile. However, those who are recommended by others stand apart from others. Experts recommend asking your former colleagues, bosses, and managers for LinkedIn recommendations. They become immensely important, especially when you are in search of your next job.


For instance, carpet cleaning Cheltenham is looking for experienced customer service professionals. The HR manager may find a couple of matching profiles on LinkedIn. However, profiles having strong recommendations from experienced professionals will have high chances of getting an interview call.

How to Get LinkedIn Recommendations

The process of getting a recommendation is simple. Just go on the profile from which you want recommendations. For instance, it may be your former manager's profile or your project supervisor. Select the Menu icon and then go to the option of "request recommendations."

After this, you need to give a few details regarding your relationship with that person and your designation during the time you worked together.

Some things to keep in mind when asking for recommendations on LinkedIn:

  • Do not ask for a recommendation from just anyone. Select the person who has a good designation. Recommendations from highly-ranked professionals are of more value than those of average and lower-ranked individuals.
  • Think about the relevant skills that you want to showcase. These skills must match with the next job you are interested in; therefore, ask the relevant person for a recommendation.
  • Using the letter provided by LinkedIn for recommendation requests is a big mistake. Make the other person feel how important it is for you to get the recommendation. Therefore, spend some time in creating a customized request letter.
  • Start giving recommendations to others. Do not consider it a waste of time because LinkedIn prompts the recipient to give back recommendations when you give them to others. In this way, you get more recommendations too!

Significance of Recommendations for Businesses

Let us now see how recommendations help businesses:

1.     Attracting Investors

When an investor notices good recommendations and achievements on your profile, they will be more inclined to invest in your business.

2.   Getting Loans Approved

Every financial institution does some research before approving a loan. They need to make sure that the company is doing well and can return the loan at the said time. Thus, recommendations can play a positive role in highlighting your business success.

3.   Reaching Suppliers

Well-known suppliers do not make a deal if a business is unknown. LinkedIn is an amazing platform to get insights into any business. There are high chances that the supplier may visit your LinkedIn profile, and if no recommendations are present, your business will leave a negative impact.

4.   Impressing Prospects

Some potential clients doing product research before an actual purchase may visit the profile. Profiles having great recommendations are likely to leave a lasting impact on targeted customers. For instance, you are searching for the best local handbags. You will visit a couple of profiles and select the one having recommendations for further research.

More importantly, employee recommendations on LinkedIn pages are like a badge of approval for future employees. They tell prospective employees that this place is worth working for, and thus, it invites a bigger and more talented pool of candidates.

Wrapping It Up

In short, LinkedIn recommendations are playing an immense role in building careers as well as businesses. No matter which stage of career you are at or what level of business we are doing, profiles with good recommendations always stands out.

Time is changing, and we need to adopt the latest tactics to improve our employability or to attract the best of the talent pool. Employers need authenticity and trust regarding your skill-set and former performance. LinkedIn recommendations are an ideal way to display your talents and let others know who you are.

These recommendations often work like positive reviews on other social media platforms. Therefore, they are vital in attracting potential clients, new employers, and standing out from the hoard.  

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