By adriaparcerisas | LATEST IN CRYPTO | 10 May 2021

The truth is that I don't really know how I found this cryptocurrency and I expect anything. Apparently it is an attempt by Dogecoin and they describe themselves as an experiment in building a decentralized spontaneous community. It was formed through a leadership group with prominent members of the Telegram community. The goal of that group is to assign skills within the community to appropriate roles in Shiba Inu development and collectively agree on decisions for the future of Shiba. Anyone with skills or time that can contribute to $SHIBA will be invited to help develop and advance. So far, this group has been responsible for logo creation, social media presence, marketing and website development.


What makes this coin more appealing is the cute and cuddly puppy symbol as well as its modest price. With $15 you can buy more than 1 million $SHIBA. In addition, the coin has grown a lot lately in the wake of the beastly $DOGE explosions. Will this be the new coin to explode? It could be, it has already been listed on and it looks like it will be listed on both Binance and Kucoin today. Yes, you read that right, BINANCE! So prepare yourselves well because this does not stop.

Always, DYOR and this is not a financial advice guys! Keep in mind.

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