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By HAMZA-1997 | Latest Crypto-NEWS | 17 Aug 2020


Yam, a Defi token, Suffer a fatal code defect See about $750,000 Token value Permanently locked And it cannot be undone. The project started on Tuesday And has accumulated Worth more than a billion dollars Until Thursday. The report on Defi shows More than $25 million was hacked or Otherwise have lost in space In the second quarter of 2020.


BitMEX announces users Will have to provide Their personal identifiable information In the next 6 months to continue to use the exchange. The verification process will open On the 28th of this month The required information will also be provided.


Popular surge Decentralized Finance  Or Defi project is consuming Many blockchain resources of Ethereum. Ethereum average Transaction fees over $6, Exceed the previous high of mid-2018. Uniswap, Tether, and Forsage combined More than 30% of total natural gas usage Before the end of this week.


MicroStrategy has become The first company listed on NASDAQ which includes Bitcoin in Its asset allocation strategy. Supposedly invested $250 million In cryptocurrency As a hedge against inflation. This step emphasizes people’s growing interest In cryptocurrency By institutional investors this year.


Coinbase will allow U.S. retail customers to Borrow most They hold 30% of Bitcoin. One of the largest and most strictly regulated countries Crypto exchange The credit limit is capped at USD 20,000 Per customer And provide 8% interest rate Used for bitcoin-backed loans with terms of one year or less



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