Colombian Ministry of Technology recognizes blockchain and CRYPTO

By HAMZA-1997 | Latest Crypto-NEWS | 19 Aug 2020

Colombian Ministry of Technology recognizes blockchain and CRYPTO. The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) of Colombia has released the first draft of this guideline, which calls on the public sector to adopt blockchain technology, including matters related to CRYPTO payments. The ministry also cited European Union countries, China, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Canada, noting that the country is "lagging behind" in adopting blockchain technology


The organizations behind this guide-including the ViveLab of Bogotá, the National University of Colombia, the City Hall of Bogotá, and the National Bank-proposed ten solutions that can be implemented: CRYPTO payments, land registration, voting, identity data management, supply chain, health records, business Management of records, degree filing and taxation and public bidding. This type of solution aims to use blockchain technology to eliminate the participation of third parties in the security infrastructure, thereby increasing the "confidence and transparency" of data management.

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