My Nightly Crypto Ritual

My Nightly Crypto Ritual

By Lanky Asha'man | Lankyashaman | 8 Feb 2020

Publish0x is a great example of cryptocurrency creating a community.  People are interested in learning about crypto and blockchain, earning a little crypto while doing it, and interacting with other people that share the same interests.  There are plenty of places to do these types of things, and I've fallen into a sort of nightly ritual of traveling around the internet, checking out content, stacking free satoshi's, and chatting up people from around the world.  I take a few hours at night to play video games while hopping around on my laptop, checking out the following sources of information or just plain old finding easy bag gains.


1.  First things first, I open the Brave Browser to earn my free BAT while working through my list.  Easy, useful, and pretty much automatic at this point.  I don't have to think about it, I just do it.



image credit:  Coindesk


2.  Next, I head over to Publish0x to check out how my posts are doing, respond to comments, and work through my daily tipping while reading a few articles.  I tend to do this in between rounds of Overwatch or whatever video game I'm playing.  It's pretty convenient since anytime there is a pause in the gameplay, the tip clock has usually reached zero, and I'm ready for my next bit of BAT, Hydro, or DAI.



image credit:  Publish0x


3.  Now, it's time to boot up LBRY.  You probably already know about LBRY if you have spent much time in the cryptosphere.  Essentially, it is a multimedia platform.  People earn LBRY rewards for viewing content, selling content, following creators, and inviting friends.  LBRY rewards are then used to upload video's kinda like Youtube, or people can upload pictures and articles.  Some content is behind a paywall, which viewers can spend LBRY to bypass.  The only gripe that I have about LBRY is that the default setting is to automatically download any content that you click on.  It's pretty easy to turn this feature off in the settings, but it is pretty weird when you first boot up and start looking around and see a bunch of downloads start popping up.  Easy fix, but still pretty annoying.  There are a lot of different types of creators, but like on Publish0x, there seems to be an excess of crypto enthusiasts, which is probably to be expected.  LBRY is listed on a number of exchanges if you are planning on selling your rewards.  In a few weeks you should have at least 100 or so tokens.  You can get started here:$/invite/@Lank-Asha'man:a



image credit:  cryptocompare


4.  Since I've just spent an hour or two watching videos, now I'll usually read for a bit to get away from screens, but if I'm not really feeling it, and I just want to sort of zone out on some pointless games, I'll hop on RollerCoin.  This is a mining simulation website.  You make an avatar, play games, and stack satoshi's.  Essentially, the more you play games, the more you get paid.  Every 5 minutes, you get paid in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.  You can use your earnings to buy "miners" which increase your base payout on top of what you make from playing games.  After every game, your mining rate increases, and you keep that increase for 7 days.  So on the 8th day, you lose what you made on the first day.  It takes some time to build up to the point where this mining simulator is worth it, but if you keep stacking satoshi's, and buying "miners" then you can eventually start to see some growth and you will be on your way to payouts.  Rollercoin has created their own coin, which you can trade your Bitcoin, Doge, and Eth for, but you can simply go without if you aren't interested.  I don't usually spend much time on RollerCoin at night, its really more for when I have downtime at work.  It's what I substitute in place of stupid mobile games.  You can start earning at here:



image credit:  cryptoslate


5.  Every other night, I jump in the queue for the Tezos Faucet.  Every 48 hours,  you can receive a drip of .01 XTZ from the Tezos Foundation's Faucet.  It's very easy, and I've described how this works in another article:  

You can enter the Faucet queue here:



image credit:  pinterest


6.  In an effort to stay informed, this is when I will hop on discord to see what happened that day and to chat with all of the smart folks that post charts, debate altcoins, and just generally talk blockchain.  There are a lot of smart people out there, and if you join the right discord servers, then you can stay a step ahead of the commoners.  Talking to people is part of research.  I suggest searching for a few youtubers that know what they are talking about and sitting in their discords for a bit to see if you like what the people have to say.  This is also a solid way to hear from international crypto enthusiasts.  Cryptocurrencies are a worldwide phenomenon and they find particularly solid footing in area's with large unbanked populations.  You can hear all sorts of different perspectives, learn about new coins, and find out how different countries are dealing with issues of regulations so that you are more well informed for when you end up having to flea to the Cayman Islands.



image credit:  online-tech- tips


7.  I don't write every day, but every once in a while I'll feel the urge and I'll take something that I learned or tested out, and I'll put it into words.  If the topic requires more immediate attention, like an imminent price breakout, then I'll type something up and post it as the news breaks, but usually, just before I go to bed, I'll type a little bit, and save my article for a better time so that more people will see it since most views come in the morning or in the evening, not at 3 o'clock in the morning.


This is what my typical night looks like, though it usually changes a bit every week since crypto is so new and it seems like something fresh appears every other day.  I like to stay informed, and stack free money when I find it, but mostly its all just for fun.  This is what having a good time looks like to me.  Everything in this space is interesting, and I don't want to miss out on anything.

Lanky Asha'man
Lanky Asha'man

I lead simple life of playing video games and reading epic fantasy. I have a degree in economics, entered the world of cryptocurrency in 2017, and enjoy a quiet life with my cat.


Looking into obscure coins, attempting to shed new light on old projects, avoiding crypto cults, looking at charts, and just plain exploring blockchain technologies.

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