AquaPedal the Number 1 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Pedal Sink In Sri Lanka

AquaPedal the Number 1 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Pedal Sink In Sri Lanka

By anushatenna | Lanka Clean | 19 May 2020

Having been halted for the last couple of months due to disastrous Coronavirus, governments in the world, including Sri Lanka, are gradually reopening the doors of the economy. One thing to keep in mind is that the threat of Coronavirus is not over by any means. Having said that, maintaining economics shut is not the way forward as all of the countries around the world have already hampered enough from this pandemic.

Importance of keeping your workstation safe

Even though the government of Sri Lanka and health authorities implement specific measures to keep Covid-19 at bay, they cannot facilitate all the necessities for the workstations. It is up to you as business owners to take care of your employees and your customers, as one new case would be sufficient to close the entire business again and the damage it can cause to the reputation of your business would be catastrophic.

It doesn’t matter what the business you do. It is mandatory to implement some rules in your business place. The world health association (WHO) suggests Personal hygiene is vital to minimize the risk of transmission from one to another.

In that sense, what are your precaution methods?

Yes, we know you are well aware of the importance of personal hygiene, and care about your employees and customers as well and you may have allocated a couple of water sinks at your workplace to wash the hands. But is it really beneficial? Unfortunately, it is not. Did you think how many bare hands would touch the tap of your water sink? It is alarming, without noticing; you are helping Coronavirus to spread if one consumer had it inside.

Is there a solution? Yes, of course.

Eliminate the risk of Virus and bacteria at your workstation by installing, AquaPedal Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Pedal sink Sri Lanka

We, Aqua pedal industries, have come up with two timely and innovative Sri Lankan made products to protect your workstation from all germs, including Coronavirus.

What is AquaPedal Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Sri Lanka?

This sophisticated hand sanitizer dispenser is explicitly produced as a foot-operated machine to deny the hand contacts. Our customer base consists of hospitals, shops, corporate offices, government institutes, and a wide range of other businesses.

The positive feedback and the continuous sales confirm that this hand sanitizer dispenser is exceeding the expectations and is a next-level product Sri Lanka desperately needed to continue with the success it had over controlling the spread of Covid-19.

hand sanitizer dispenser srilanka

Why AquaPedal Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Our product is enriched with the following features,

  • Lowest price in the market

One unit costs only LKR36,500; it is the best deal in the town.

  • No hand operations

Hand sanitizers dispense through 100% foot-operated pedals, requiring no hand involvement.

  • Super easy portability

The whole unit is only 1mitre tall and 8.9kg in weight. You can install the unit wherever you like.

  • Stainless steel piston

It looks smart and sharp with a stainless steel piston, one for a lifetime product.

  • Easy replace of hand sanitizers.

It is remarkably easy to replace the sanitizers once finished and fits for all types of bottles. Open the cover, place the new sanitizer inside, and you are good to go again.

  • One year warranty

We are confident over our product, and you are entitled to a one year warranty for your purchase.

  • Free delivery Colombo and suburbs

We will deliver it to your doorstep. Are you not in Colombo? Not to worry, we deliver it you your place cheaply than you think.

In addition to the features mentioned above, we are more than happy to offer you the chance to stamp your business name, Color, logo, or any instructions you intend on the machine for the same price. It’s your machine, not ours anymore!

And there is another product awaits you,

pedal sink srilanka

2.) The Pedal Sink

We have designed this machine with two mechanical foot-operated pedals to dispense both water and liquid soap. This is the go-to machine for hotels, cafeterias, as well as for other institutes.

Want to know how it operates?

First, push the water pedal to wet your hands, then push right side one for liquids, rub at least 20 seconds and push water pedal again to wash your hands off. It is as simple as that! This pedal sink unit is designed extremely user-friendly shape; unlike most of the other products, there is no risk of slipping or falling while using this machine.

Our pedal sink is equipped with following features,

  • Lowest price in the market

One unit costs LKR29,500, the lowest for the two-pedal sinks in the Sri Lankan market.

  • Aluminum body and stainless steel sink

Long-lasting Aluminum body and stainless steel sink are ideal for constant use without a hassle.

  • Portable size

Unlike most other brands two-pedal sinks, this unit is light-weight and super portable (54*18*15 inches), allowing you to move the sink wherever you wish.

  • Free of charge hand wash bottle

Aquapedal will provide you free hand wash bottle for each unit, so you just have to fill this bottle with liquid soap once it runs out with liquids.

Same as our hand sanitizer dispenser, we do facilitate deliveries, warranty, and your logo on this product too.


Even though scientists all over the world are working hard day in day out for a cure, there is no specific treatment or end date predicted for the Coronavirus to date. No matter how destructive the situation, our future, and our countries future are still in our control as far as we keep ourselves safe.

We, as AquaPedal, are proud to present two timely products to our motherland to fight against Coronavirus. Now, it is your responsibility as Entrepreneurs to make the right call and select what is good for your consumers as well as for your country. Avoid possible unpleasant consequences on tomorrow by making correct decisions on today.

Grab this magnificent opportunity and place your orders now!

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