What is the Kushu Token?

What is the Kushu Token?

By Gotama (Kushu Creator) | Kushu Token | 22 Nov 2021

The Kushu Token (KSH) will be a meme currency based on the Binance Smart Chain, it will be used for lotteries, gambling and NFTs.

Who the f*ck is Kushu?

kushu is the funniest pug in this damn world! Look at her face, she ain't giving a sh*t about anything. You will soon be able to follow the life of this incredible pug threw the Kushu Token and her socials everyday.

What about the Whitepaper?

We will soon create a website, a whitepaper and her socials. Stay tuned!

"In Kushu, we believe."


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Gotama (Kushu Creator)
Gotama (Kushu Creator)

Kushu Token ($KSH) Creator.

Kushu Token
Kushu Token

The only Kushu Token ($KSH) Publish0X blog. #BSC Social Media : biglink.to/kushu_token

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