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How to not lose all your cryptos!?

Today, I want to warn you about some really simple tricks that hackers do to steal your cryptos easily, the problem is that, if your cryptos are gone, they are gone, nobody will help you to get them back, so read carefully.  

The simple clipboard hack

Usually, hackers will hide a code in a photo/video/executable file or any other kind of files, once executed, the code will change all the BTC/ETH/BNB/... Addresses you copy and paste, by their own addresses, so every transaction, will go to the hackers wallet instead of yours. You should really pay attention to that, always check the address two times while you are doing some transactions.  

The basic keylogger/trojan

This one also comes from files you download on the internet, once you get that kind of sh*t on your computer/smartphone you are done! They will spy your screen, your keyboard and they could do a lot more, like getting your new passphrases... In fact, you should have a clean device for your cryptos and another one, where you could do whatever you want without risking too much.  


This small article was mainly to warn all the new crypto fans that don't know anything about those risks, I highly encourage you to learn more about these possibilities, so you will never get f*cked. Today evening, we will see more about "How to be (almost) anonymous on the internet", stay plugged!  

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