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How to buy stocks on Binance?

By Gotama (Kushu Creator) | Kushu Token | 28 Apr 2021

Nobody really expected that, but Binance (The biggest crypto exchange) now allow his users to buy stocks as well, or should we say, tokenized stocks. You can buy up to 1/100 of an entire stock with BUSD (the regulated stablecoin from their exchange). At this time, you can only trade TSLA (Tesla Inc.), COIN (Coinbase Global, Inc) and MSTR (MicroStrategy Inc.) stocks but more and more will be added in the future.

How to start?

First thing first, you will need a Binance account, it's kinda obvious, then you will have to sell some of your cryptos to get BUSD (BTC/BUSD, BNB/BUSD,...) or you could directly buy BUSD with your credit card. When it's done, just go to the "Stock Token" section and complete the KYC part. Here it is! You can now buy tokenized stocks.

The benefits of Token Stocks

Token Stocks are almost like normal ones, it means that you will have access to all traditional stocks benefits, like dividends and stock splits. But you will also have the privilege to trade them without any commission. Each token on Binance will represent one share of a specific stock. In fact, you will have a two in one platform where you can trade cryptos and stocks at the same place, without waiting for any transaction delays and other boring stuffs related to transactions between different entities. 


There are not a lot of available stocks on Binance right now, but that's definitely a feature you should keep an eye on. Especially if you are interested in trading crytpos and stocks at the same time.

Trade stocks and cryptos on Binance

Disclaimer : this article was created to inform and talk about the binance's new feature named "token stock", I chose to share my referral from that platform because I use it everyday in my crypto journey. I will never talk about a bad platform just to share a referral. The main goal was to inform.

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