100 $KARATE Tokens free to use at Karate Combat on March 22nd

By KarateCombatHub | Kucoin | 4 Mar 2024



We have been given 100 unique referral codes for Karate Combat. Claiming will get you 100 free $KARATE tokens to play Up Only Gaming in their next live martial arts event on March 22nd, you can also use these tokens to play on all upcoming events.

  • Karate Combat is a martial arts striking league, streamed free on Youtube (like UFC but with no wrestling/rolling on the ground)
  • $KARATE token price has gone x14 so far since November
  • Hold your $KARATE tokens in the mobile app to vote for who you think will win
  • If your fighter wins, you win more tokens! If they lose, you keep the same amount you started with (I've made 4% rewards in Jan and another 10% in Feb, compounding monthly)
  • Holding $KARATE also allows you to vote in the DAO on rule changes and how the sport is governed in real life
  • Up Only Gaming rewards guaranteed for the next 2.5 years
  • Download the Karate Combat App to your mobile from Android or Apple app stores, enter referral code after you've signed up. No following dodgy links required. 

If you are interested please DM @KarateCombatHub on Twitter, tell us you are from Publish0x and we will give you an individual referral code for your free tokens so you can play in the next event on March 22nd! Token snapshot and voting for the next event opens March 20th. First come first served.

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