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- Intruduction

- Why use Kucoin

- Find a new Gem

- Kucoin Spotlight

- BourningDrop

- Conclusions


Finding gems or what is the same promising new cryptocurrencies backed by a good project is an extensive research work to which you have to invest a lot of time and effort, but if you have products and tools such as those available on the Kucoin platform coupled with a good strategy, this task is simplified and that's what this content is about.


Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange located among the top 5 exchanges worldwide and the second in operating with more cryptocurrencies, was founded in 2017, initially based only in Hong Kong, currently has presence in more than 17 countries around the world, South and Central America, Arab Emirates, India, Europe and Asian countries, which is why it supports more than 51 fiat currencies, this year included as a payment method to buy cryptocurrencies the Euro currency using the Sepa payment method, In this cryptocurrency exchange platform you can find more than 617 cryptocurrencies and operate with more than 1156 pairs, high volume of capital which gives it a great liquidity, its commissions are low compared to other exchanges, KuCoin offers one of the lowest commissions in the market, modest 0.1 percentage commissions and something very good does not charge commission for deposit, for many reasons it is among the 5 best and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Its interface is ideal for beginners and very friendly and anyone can join without much effort.

In its platform you have the features such as trading with the necessary tools, ask and give loans replant, configure boots to save time and effort to make trading maximizing profits and minimizing losses, and maintains commissions to operate among the lowest, recently Forbes magazine ranked it as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange and it is not a slogan for something is known as "the exchange of people".

This year the company that evaluates financial products called The Ascent awarded it as the best cryptocurrency application.

There are several ways to earn money in Kucoin, the main ones are:

- Staking, which is nothing more than keeping a cryptocurrency on deposit in a blocked way for a certain time that could be 30, 60 or 90 days, earn a good return for it, these frozen amounts are used for mining processes, either to create new cryptocurrencies or pay commission to the miners for executing transactions.

 But how do we enter the stakeout?



- Loans, you can earn money by lending money to other users.



- Trading bot, better profits by using the automatic bot provided by Kucoin, you save a lot of time and effort by trading while minimizing the risk of losses. 



- Holding KCS, the Kucoin token

KCS has maintained this year a good growth, data taken from Coinmarket confirms it, good reason to invest and maintain this cryptocurrency and even more when Kucoin gives you a bonus for maintaining KCS, it is also essential to maintain amounts in KCS to be able to participate in presales and BurningDrop of KuCoin.

 Another reason to choose Kucoin is how easy it is to buy cryptocurrencies using Fiat coins as a payment method.

Using P2P, person-to-person without intermediaries


Purchase using intermediates




It is easy to locate the pairs in the market and choose the currency to buy.


Now you can buy or sell that pair in the classic spot trading available in Kucoin.


There are many reasons to select Kucoin as our primary exchange, of course to trade with Kucoin you must have a registered account, if you don't have one yet here is my referral link so you can register very easily, with your registration you will generally have certain benefits and bonuses.


A gem is a promising new cryptocurrency backed by a good project, which once launched its initial offering, tokens can be acquired and as they are listed on the exchanges their value will increase considerably, Kucoin has sections where we can locate new releases and new cryptocurrencies in a very easy way, that greatly facilitates the task of finding new gems, however finding a gem is not an easy task, I will first describe my personal strategy. Which consists in doing a whole research about the project to invest in.

I divide the strategy in two

- How to search for new cryptocurrencies in Kucoin.

 Select the option Markets to go to the main page of markets in Kucoin.

Your link






A good strategy is to verify in companies like coinmarketcap or coingeckco where you can study more the project, I recommend to see their white book, there the project is described in detail, it is important to verify the fulfillment of their work route, also see how their buyers are distributed, this to verify that the majority is not held by a single person, because if this person decides to sell everything, the prices will plummet.



KuCoin Spotlight token sale, new pre-sales

In Kucoin we can find the presales of cryptocurrencies, they are new projects whose tokens are not yet listed in any exchange and you will be able to acquire at launch prices before their listing in the exchanges, the advantage is that you can buy at a much lower price than once you list it in the exchanges.



Each pre-sale in spotliht has its requirements, the Kucoin account must be verified, minimum KCS amount to invest and excluded countries.

Kucoin protects you from whales by assigning maximum quotas to buy per user.

For more information this very interesting link where the process is described very well.

As far as projects are concerned, . Spotlight, Kucoin performs a selection process before deciding if a project will be listed.

* The team behind the project is evaluated.

* The project must be promising and contribute to the blockchain.

* The tokens must be anticipated so that they can be made available on a large scale.

* The tokens must have a single point of sale.

If they at least meet the above, they can be entered into the Kucoin presale or spotlight launch.


Another way that allows us in Kucoin the purchase of token of new projects participating in mining by staking, betting funds to the pool in which your funds are blocked to a certain time, at the end you will receive the cryptocurrencies of the selected project, the funds are invested in the POLs token which is the one used in Pool-x, this token is used to be burned and receive new tokens in exchange depending on the chosen project, Kucoin is supported by the Pool-x platform as this operates on multiple chains.

Unlike the airdrop in this product does not require raising funds, just associate your project to Kucoin BurningDrop and expect investors to place and maintain tokens to this mode.

Something very important that Kucoin does not accept just any project for this product burningDrop neither in spotligth, projects must meet minimum requirements that are verified in Kucoin, 

* The tokens must have a unique selling point.

* The project must be promising

* The team behind the project is evaluated.

* Tokens must be anticipated so that they can be available on a large scale


If the project meets the requirements they can be entered into Kucoin's BurningDrop.

How do we enter Kucoin's BurningDrop product?





Kucoin is not only among the 3 exchanges that offer the largest number of cryptocurrencies in its list, also I have no doubt that it is the platform where you can find new gems, the features offered, security, and tools that you can count on place it among the major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, especially if you want to invest and make money by finding new promising projects.

The tools shown in this content and the strategies to follow will be of great benefit to you, there is a reason why Kucoin is called the exchange of the people.  

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