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Kucoin was founded in 2017, it is based in more than 18 countries around the world with presence in South and Central America, Arab Emirates, India, Europe and Asian countries, this allows it to capture more than 10 million users, supports more than 51 fiat currencies, in this cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can find more than 617 cryptocurrencies and operate with more than 1156 pairs, high volume of capital which gives it a great liquidity, which is why it is among the top 3 best and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange. number one in total cryptocurrency accepted and new crypto projects to invest in

In its platform with the functionalities available in the major exchanges, trading with the necessary tools, loans, stakeout, futures, set up bots, this is to make automatic trading and not one has 5 modes, P2P operations to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and vice versa, is the exchange where you can find new promising cryptocurrencies and has two products for this as the spotlight and BurningDrop, It maintains one of the lowest commissions to operate, the prestigious Forbes magazine ranked it as one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges and many call it "the exchange of people". Earlier this year the company that evaluates financial products called The Ascent awarded it the prize as the best cryptocurrency application.

The above mentioned is not just a personal appreciation, for example, let's see the graphs of two prestigious companies such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.


Of course, to operate with Kucoin you must have a registered account, if you don't have one yet, here is my referral link so you can register very easily.


Something important to comment is the benefits offered by the Kucoin platform when you sign up with the referral system ranging from discounts on commissions to direct bonuses, many benefits.


KCS is the utility token of the Kucoin Exchange project, on it is based the economy of the project, it was created in 2017 along with the Kucoin project that in just 5 years is already among the top 3 exchanges in the world, in that sense I must point out that the value of a cryptocurrency is linked to the success of the project, that is why the token is among the 60 most important cryptocurrencies, so it is important to say that investing in this token is safe and a good investment, it is always revaluing its value and by the success of the exchange there is no doubt that its value will continue to rise, it is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

With it the benefits of the growth of the exchange are shared among all its holders, it is a non-inflationary currency is why following its route embodied in its white paper The total supply of the token will be 200 million and already from the year 2021 it proceeded to start a repurchase and burning of the token to leave it at 100 million KCS, let's see its working route


The work path is the sequence of actions that will be taken by the developers of a project to make known how the development will be in a certain time, it is important because we can appreciate the scope of the project and its faithful fulfillment. Without going into too much detail I can see that it is contemplated to create a payment platform and a strong development in the so-called meta verses based on NFT tokens, this year the second part of a future work path of the project was launched.

The KCS token is currently ranked 60th of the top cryptocurrencies with an ever rising trend, data taken from CoinGeckco.


KCS use cases

As we indicated above it is the utility currency of the KuCoin exchange and its economy is based on it, but it has other advantages its use and maintenance in the KuCoin wallet

- It is being used to finance the KCC project in which will be built for KuCoin of its own blockchain, thus avoiding the high transaction fees of Ethereum, with it will open a door to decentralized applications, new financial products on the Kucoin network

- Within the platform you have the possibility to pre-sell new and promising cryptocurrencies, also called gems, the purchase can only be made with the KCS token in the BurningDrop and Spotlight products.

- Make payments with a 20% discount on commissions

- Keeping at least 6 KCS you get a daily bonus, calculated according to 50% of Kucoin's commission income, the more KCS you have, the higher your bonus will be.

- Payments in some video games


  I wanted to emphasize on Kucoin's KCS Bonus financial product

You don't need to keep KCS in stake, this acts according to the total KCS you have in the platform. It will give you a discount on commissions and an estimated profitability in 7 days, we also generate bonuses if you trade any product on the platform trading with KCS for example futures,

In general terms it does not involve any risk, just keep a certain minimum amount of KCS, you will get a 20% discount on commissions and bonus, not bad.

If you keep at least 6 KCS no matter where, either in the main account or trading, you will earn commissions, let's see how it works.




Where and how to buy or acquire KCS

KCS can be purchased on two exchanges and of course on the KuCoin platform.


There are several ways to get KCS

If you are going to receive some cryptocurrency, once you have it, trade it to acquire your KCS.

- If you are going to buy fast, buy some cryptocurrency and then trade to convert it into KCS.


You can trade to get your KCS in Kucoin's trading Spot, very user-friendly and with the necessary information for fast and uncomplicated tarding, trading cryptos. 



- In the person-to-person P2P method, you buy KCS directly from anyone who is bidding on it.


- Also using third party purchases using Dollars or Euros (could be using Sepa method) you will be able to acquire KCS



According to reliable and verified data, the KCS token has increased its price by 2,000% from January 2021 to date. Last year for this date its value was around 6.5 dollars, seven months later for December 1, 2021 it was at 27 dollars, this year it has remained in a stable band, but taking into account what is to come it is undoubtedly the best investment option in terms of cryptocurrency, which is why many still consider it a gem.


The new Kucoin blockchain is already in the Mainnet stage and its work path already considers it in its white paper, already passed the stage of TesNet which is when you work with a copy and all the tests are made to prevent failures and have optimal performance, Mainnet is already working with a main network running on its new blockchain, everything indicates that progresses well the construction of the new network that will allow a payment system and web eco-system 3. 0 with new functionalities especially as far as NFT tokenization is concerned and much more as new Defi applications i.e. decentralized finance.

That is why I strongly recommend investing in the KCS token to give speed to the development and you will see that your investment will be with very good returns, personally I will try to accumulate the largest number of KCS and once the new blockchain is launched you can be fully confident that the KCS token will be in the Top 10 with much higher value than the current one. For that date I will make an update of this content and I will show my earnings. 

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