Is Bitcoin Better Than Other Cryptocurrencies?

By Natourious | Krypto 101 | 7 May 2022

Short answer is : Yes

It's only superior in value, because of first mover advantage. In terms of tech it's Huge, there are crypto better than BTC if you look purely at the currency side of use cases. The only thing you can argue is that BTC is the safest crypto, because it's so massive and widespread. In my opinion BTC is just mainly being viewed as 'digital gold' right now, which seems fair. It's also fine for large(r) international money transfers, since it beats Western Unions' crazy fees. Other than that, there are so many better crypto out there in terms of tech and use cases. Not to mention that most people who aren't familiar with Crypto knows BTC and thinks that Cryptocurrency = BTC and that's all about it.

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