An Indian doctrine says.

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An Indian Doctrine Says

Drink water from where a horse quenches its thirst; the horse never drinks bad water. Sleep where the cat lies, eat the Apple The Wolf touched. Pick the mushrooms that the mosquitoes have settled on fearlessly. Plant a tree where the moles dig. Build a house where the snake stops to warm up. Dig a well where the birds nest on hot days. Sleep with the Roosters and wake up so you can get to the yellowest corn for the whole day. Eat more greens so you can have strong legs and a strong heart like an animal. Go swimming more, so you can feel like a fish in the sea in the world.
Look at the sky more often, at fewer feet, so your thoughts will be clearer and lighter. Instead of talking, stay more quiet so your soul can be at peace and calm.


kripto sedat
kripto sedat

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