7 Cryptocurrencies Expected To Hit Record In 2020.

7 Cryptocurrencies Expected To Hit Record In 2020.

By kripto sedat | kriptosedat | 6 Feb 2020



7 Cryptocurrencies Expected To Hit Record In 2020


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Cryptocurrencies in general have started 2020 with a nice performances. But some cryptocurrencies in particular are expected to continue their performance by folding.

2020 promises to be a good year for the cryptocurrency market. Overall, analysts expect cryptocurrency markets to remain in bullish momentum throughout the year. But some cryptocurrencies in particular are expected to stand out.

Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum has been referred to as bitcoin's rival for the vast majority of its life in the market. However, the price of Ethereum has not changed in the last few months. Even the expected increases were not realized with the positive steps he took. But analysts believe that will soon change in time.

The DApp processing platform hosted more than 1.4 million users last year, the vast majority of which are said to be new users. Ethereum's network usage has also improved in recent years, with increases in adoption rate. Many experts expect 2020 to be a very good year for the digital currency.

Tezos (XTZ))
The underlying technology of Tezos, powered by the On-chain system, takes the proof-of-stake algorithm to the next level. According to experts, Tezos will become a major public infrastructure once large institutions start to take an interest in this system. He is currently 11. Tezos, which is in the largest cryptocurrency position, is expected to reach $ 12 by the end of the year.

Litecoin (LTC)
Litecoin was one of the best performing cryptocurrencies last year and is expected to continue its spectacular performance this year. Litecoin has always been seen above bitcoin in terms of technology as it is ready to serve as a global payments network, something Bitcoin cannot offer.

The LTC's price is expected to at least double this year, according to experts. However, Litecoin's price increase is thought to have an impact on Bitcoin as well.

Steller Lumen (XLM)
Stellar Lumen is expected to take over the market in 2020 in relation to remittance payments, ICOs in its network, cross-border payments at small banks and other financial institutions, decentralised exchanges such as SDEX, and the implementation of the Lightning Network.

XRP Riple
Ripple, one of the leading currencies in terms of banking infrastructure, is expected to achieve more this year. It is stated that XRP, which has major partnerships such as Western Union and Moneygram worldwide, will retain its important place among cryptocurrencies this year. Digital money is expected to rise by more than 380% this year.

ICON is trying to connect cryptocurrencies to the real world by building the largest decentralized network that will allow users to communicate between various blockchains. It also aims to serve both corporate and individual investors. The price of the ICX is expected to rise by up to $ 5 this year.

Cardano (island))
Cardano started 2020 with a strong move, trading at $ 0.033 at the start of the month, and the island is currently trading at about $ 0.056. Although the adoption rate remains low, the island is expected to make serious progress this year. The launch of the Goguen project and the kevm testing network is expected to give cryptocurrency some momentum.



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