Overview of Full Automated Platform with Airdrop & Bounty: BountyHub.io

By KOS500 | KOS500 | 28 Mar 2019

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Good day Dear readers of this blog. Today, as always, I accidentally saw an interesting, fully automated (as we like) and new (the start was, as I understood, on the 20th of March, 2019) a platform on which there are already quite various Bounty and Airdrop. Well, since the platform is completely new, soon, we are waiting for a lot of new and promising projects here!


The Bounty Management Platform has a full-featured bot, in Telegram. All tasks we can perform through this telegram-bot, regardless of whether we are at home at a computer or on vacation with a mobile phone. We can row a cryptocurrency and new tokens with a shovel from all devices that support Telegram. But nevertheless, I will describe the site in detail, because not everyone is comfortable with the tasks from the cart, for someone it is much more convenient to do from the office on the platform itself.

The site has two language versions: EN | RU

  • The following benefits are provided by the platform:
  • No reports and spreadsheets
  • Automated job checks
  • Automatic task tracking
  • A variety of choice of companies (given that the project is new, then there will be even more)
  • Quick payouts
  • Automated Marketing and Advertising Companies (for ICO owners)

For advertisers / owners of ICO projects

A lot of tools, thanks to which you can take part in any bounty company you like.

Registration on the BountyHub platform

Registration on the site is optional (if you use a telegram-bot), for users who work through a personal account, you must enter the mail, which will immediately receive a one-time confirmation code, and connect your social. network in my office.

Comfortable personal account

I liked the design of the project, especially the personal account - a convenient field for our activity, various functions, separate tabs for viewing the balance, completed tasks, tasks that are under consideration or those tasks that we started, but did not manage to complete for some reason. or they are at the execution stage, but we have not confirmed that we have fully completed this task and it is ready.

For example, here are the tasks that I do / are in progress:

There is a 10-level account system, each of which gives us different advantages. For example, a reduced commission for withdrawal or additional bonuses to the rates.

Your progress, until reaching the next level, is visible in real time.

Bounty company - Bounty List

Here we have directly the projects that are available on the platform. Everything is compact, convenient, informative. We see:

  • Project name
  • Start date
  • How much is left before the end
  • The budget of this project
  • What social tools for participation does he offer us (social networks, reviews, content creation, etc.)

Having opened a bounty and a company, we can choose a task that suits us and execute it.


Crypto Airdrop
There is a whole tab, active Airdrop-s for the current month, from the largest and most popular ICO companies

I liked the platform for its functionality and capabilities. Modern design, convenient personal account and field, for work with many bounty companies, conveniently located tabs for tracking rewards and balance, for viewing current statistics on completed and not fully completed tasks. The platform is new, modern, I can safely assume that there will be a mass of bounty companies, a lot of airdrop, and many bounty hunters.

Registration via Telegram (you will get 200 BHT tokens for it for free): HERE
Registration on site: HERE
My login on the BountyHub platform: KOS500

With kind and respect to your readers...KOS500

Written specifically for the platform Publish0x.com


Hello! I am KOS500 - Investor, a crypto-enthusiast, a participant in all sorts of bounty companies and airdrop projects. Everywhere where there is a cryptocurrency - there I am! =))


Hello! I am KOS500 - Investor, a crypto-enthusiast, a participant in all sorts of bounty companies and airdrop projects. Everywhere where there is a cryptocurrency - there I am! =)) I will publish various free ways to earn cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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