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Artificial intelligence, is a fast growing sector, in technology. Some cryptocurrency projects, start to use AI, for their algorithms. In this article, we will see, four coins, that implement AI.


Project PAI


There have been many innovations for AI, in the last decade. We can see autonomous vehicles, coming up, Alphabet AlphaGO, has toppled, the best GO players, and neural networks, can process a vast amount of information, in a very small time. In the digital space, there is no representative, for the users, and project' PAI, tries to solve this. PAI stands to Personal Artificial Intelligence, and it's scope is, to create a 3D digital avatar, that is designed to look like you, speak like you, and behave like you, in the digital space. The PAI network, is a decentralized platform, that acts as the avatar repository, and it is controlled, buy the user, through the ownership of the private keys.

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Fetch AI is a decentralized digital world, where economic activities can take place. There are special designed agents, called Autonomous Economic Agents, and they can represent, humans, and services. They can communicate through a network, called Open Economic Framework. The framework, presents a highly tailored world to each agent, that is adapted specifically for it. OEF and smart ledger, will allow anyone to develop agents. It can be seen, as a dating system, that allows, value providers and clients, to connect. The smart ledger, through the OEF will ensure that what you see, is precisely, what you need to see, to do business.

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Artificial Intelligence, is growing fast. It is predicted, that we will see a “technological singularity”, during this century. The SingularityNET platform, brings blockchain, ans AI together to create an AI fabric, that delivers superior practical AI functionality today. Most AI research today, is controlled by a handful of corporations. Independent developers of AI tools, have no readily available way to monetize their creations. They can only sell, their creations to the big companies. SingularityNET's open source protocol and smart contracts, are designed to address these problems. Developers, can launch their, AI tools, on the network. They can inter operate, with other AI tools, and paying users.

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Worldwide, the consumption of electricity has reached almost 20000 Twh. With the addition of renewable energy sources, to the grid, unpredictability has increased, as the supply of those sources, are not constant. On the other hand, more and more electric vehicles, will come up, that increases the unpredictability of supply and demand. To minimize the problem, we have to reduce the consumption, and shift in time, for better supply and demand periods. Robotina, has tested and validated, that 10%-20% can be saved, with state of the art technology, available now. Robotina, community members, can collaborate, to save and earn money, while consuming electrical energy. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and other technologies, allows the project, to disrupt the electricity market, and implement, a collaborative sharing economy business model, which distributes numerous benefits, to participating users.

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Technology is progressing, and we will be here, to follow, and share information, through these articles. We will examine new sectors, in next articles. Follow, to be informed.


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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

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