Second Cash Out Proof Here On Publish0x - The Best Way To Start Your Week, Motivated

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Just like what I felt with my first cash out successfully transferred to my MEW, I always loved to share my cash out for everyone to get really motivated and never lose hope and trust on this site. It is proven and tested a paying site.

Here is my post about my second cash out which was processed last Sunday, April 7, 2019.

Bounty0x Token Cash-Out Here In Publish0x


And now here it is on my MEW or MyEtherWallet

493.967 added to my balance which only has a few Banano Tokens because I have already transferred my funds (during my first cash out here on publish0x) to my Kucoin BNTY wallet.


Screenshot of my Balance in MEW

I will HODL this amount and wait for at least 200% surge in USD value.

We will also get notified on our email once the transaction of withdrawal request has been competed.


I will then have to wait and my next cash out will be on HYDRO if I reached $0.50 in value. Let's be more active here and post awesome and informative contents here on this site. Never lose hope and our efforts are definitely rewarded!


Thank you so much for dropping by and reading a very important topic here on this site where we get real proof of monetizing our efforts.

Follow me for more over-the-top stories happening on the blockchain world and also anything and everything under the sun!

This is fycee and let's rock this site in a good way!




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Know More About Me - Introducing Myself!

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