The Bearish Trend Again

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After giving us a few days of profitable ventures and making the most out of the 10% income from all of our SELL orders, it's time to BUY again now!

The TOP 10 Cryptocurrencies from CMC is now giving us a sign of a bearish market because the plunge of BTC right up to this moment should be parabolic in terns of USD value. With that figure of a steep dip, it should suppose to plunge back to a price of minus $200-$300. Let's all be cautious and just wait for several hours until it shows some resistance and then go for the BUY order. This is what I will do and please do not take my word for it because I am not an expert when it comes to trading. I should say, experienced and at moments like these in which I have secured a marginable 10% then I am off and ready to find one or two coins to buy either from the Top 10 or secure another HODL for the rest of the week.


Screenshot of 26 March 2019

After this profitable journey, let's not attach ourselves too much and love the coins we have used to make huge profits with.


Under the Topic "Introduction To CryptoCurrencies" I have already shared some insights about the digital assets that I was able to utilize. Later, I will share my awesome experience with Factom, Doge and Ark.

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Thankful for the support you are all giving me here!

This will definitely make me continue making this platform of sharing a great place to share our ideas, experiences and skills.

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