Egypt astonished the world again... and the Egyptians were the heroes of the royal march!

By Ahmed Zaki | ALL THINGS | 4 Apr 2021

The Egyptians were eagerly awaiting the parade of royal mummies ... but they never expected to see what they saw yesterday!

A large part of the world also, especially those interested in the ancient Egyptian civilization, were waiting for this procession with greater passion.

And everyone expected that the Pharaonic mummies would be the ones that would dazzle the world and shed light on the greatness and immortality of this ancient civilization.

But what happened was different.

The mummies were not the most dazzling ... it was the Egyptians themselves ... the descendants of kings and queens of the pharaohs, the owners of golden mummies.

Yesterday, the Egyptians succeeded in dazzling the world and proving that the genes of the pharaohs, their genius, and their greatness are still present in the blood of the grandchildren!


Screenshots of the legendary procession

Many paused in front of footage of the legendary procession and the accompanying ceremony of this major world event. The following are the most important of these shots:


Pharaonic design for trucks:

Pharaonic mummies were transported in special boxes carried by trucks of a distinctive Pharaonic design, and on each vehicle, the name of the pharaoh was written in both hieroglyphics and Arabic... When the kings and queens of the pharaohs arrived at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the cannons fired 21 rounds to welcome the royal procession, then Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi greeted the majestic motorcade.


18 king and 4 queens of the pharaohs:

The royal procession included 18 pharaohs and they are:

Sqnin Ra - Ahmose I - Amenhotep I - Thutmose I - Thutmose II - Thutmose III - Thutmose IV - Seti I - Seti II - Ramses II - Ramses III - Ramses IV - Ramses V - Ramses VI - Ramses IX - Amenhotep II - Amenhotep III - Merenptah.

Queens: Ahmose Nefertari - Queen T - Merit Amun - Queen Hatshepsut.


10 thousand volunteers:

About 10 thousand young men and women participated in the procession and the accompanying party, all of whom were volunteers.


Singing in hieroglyphs:

The ceremony, which was held at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, witnessed singing in the hieroglyphic language, which is the language of the ancient Egyptians (pharaohs), accompanied by music inspired by Pharaonic music and performed with musical instruments that were popular at the time of the Pharaohs composed by an Egyptian composer (Hisham Nazih) and performed by an entire Egyptian orchestra led by an Egyptian maestro ( Nader Abbasi).


And about the song that was sung at the ceremony, Dr. Maysara Abdullah Hussein, a professor at the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, told to "Sky News Arabia": "The song of greatness that was sung was discovered at the doors of the Temple of Deir Al-Shalwit on the western mainland in Luxor, the same area that witnessed the discovery of royal mummies, and the song dates back to the third century BC."

Pharaonic music dates back more than seven thousand years when the ancient Egyptians were interested in music and painted musical instruments on the walls of Pharaonic temples.


A whole year to prepare:

Preparation for the show that dazzled the world yesterday during the transfer of royal mummies lasted an entire year.


Nitrogen capsules!

Each mummy is enclosed in a nitrogen capsule completely devoid of oxygen to keep it from the effects of moisture.


You can watch the entire ceremony through the following video:


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