Advice from the book of love # 2

By Ahmed Zaki | ALL THINGS | 11 May 2021



Do not let the word "I love you" run on your tongue unless it is uttered first by your heart and your soul rejoices in it. It is a sacred word that means that two hearts will unite to become one heart .. and two souls will mix to become one soul.. and two persons that do not have anything in common, the life between them will become so common that one of them cannot live without the other.




If you love, you will feel that everything in life has changed for the most beautiful. Your heart will fill with happiness whenever you meet your sweetheart. And she will also be happy to have you by her side. If you do not see that, know that you have fallen into the harshest kind of love .. which is one-sided love... You have to move away quickly so that you do not live in torment for long!




Love blinds the eye, so you do not see your lover's faults...

But it gives your heart supernatural eyesight that you can see your beloved's heart beating and cheering your name on when she sees or hears you!!




If you do not feel joy and happiness when you see your sweetheart...

If your soul does not dance and your heart sings when you meet your sweetheart...

If you do not forget everything and someone around you when you walk or sit with your sweetheart...

If all this does not happen, then you do not really love.. or your love is imperfect and incomplete... If the love is incomplete neither pleasure nor joy!




If you thought there was comfort in love, you were wrong!

Love is torture.. but it is an enjoyable and delicious torment.

Love is a lacking of sleep.. but it carries you on the wings of longing and imagination with your sweetheart, regardless of the distances that separate you.

Love is fear... but it is fear that you will lose your sweetheart for any reason and you cannot live with her What is left for you in life.

Love is fire... but it is a fire that carries within it all the pleasure and joy. Whenever you imagine your sweetheart in your lap, you melt with you in a mythical moment of love in which you lose a sense of everything but your pleasant sweetheart.

Love is a true force that helps you navigate life's hardships and absurdities and defeat all the frustrations you may encounter. It is enough for you to look in the eyes of your sweetheart and feel her touch to feel that you are living in heaven!




Beware of those who are jealous of you from your friends or your sweetheart's friends...

There is always a person who hates that the love relationship continues well either because he feels jealous of you or another girl is jealous of your sweetheart... Do not make the interruption between you and your sweetheart an easy thing.. by telling your girlfriend everything may cause a problem between you... Discuss with her.. and hear her... Do not leave her until you have found a solution to any problem between you.




Do not quarrel with your sweetheart too much... because too much quarrel weakens love, making it unable to resist difficulties.

Try to remember the joyful moments that your sweetheart gave you... This will make your anger at her simple if she angered you.. and instead of quarreling and turning away, tell her that her words or behavior angered you... if she really loves you, she will completely stop saying or doing what anger you.. and you are too!


# By: Ahmed Zaki

# Image source: Pixabay - Free Photo Site.

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