Advice from the book of love # 1

By Ahmed Zaki | ALL THINGS | 27 Apr 2021



Sometimes it helps to escape from your loved one and avoid him. But the confrontation is always better... Always confront your lover with what is within yourself... This makes love more pure and enjoyable.



If your beloved almighty says to you, do not delay. Go to her quickly and do not hold back. The seconds that are lost without your presence with your beloved equals a whole life of happiness and pleasure!



Do not be miserly with the one you love... I do not mean financial miserliness, this is unacceptable of course. But I mean emotional miserliness... Tell her all the phrases of love... Always tell her that you miss her and that you love her and dream about her and you cannot live without her for one moment... Be generous with your sweetheart in feelings because miserliness of feelings kills love!



Never allow a mediator to exist between you and your sweetheart... Mediators may destroy the relationship intentionally or unintentionally... Make your relationship direct with your sweetheart and discuss any problem with her... You will reach a solution quickly, especially if your love both was sincere and real.



To her, I say: Do not expect your lover to do and say everything... Love is a joint relationship between two hearts and two souls, and you should express your feelings to your lover as he expresses his feelings to you. Always tell your lover that you love him and miss him and never conceal your feelings towards him... The man loves to hear the words of love and adoration from his sweetheart exactly as a woman loves to hear and feel from her man.



Cuddling extends the relationship of love to blood, so the soul rejoices... I do not mean cuddling in its sexual sense, for sure, this is something else... But I am talking about cuddling that expresses feelings and longing... It gives the beloved a sense of security while she is in her lover's embrace... Cuddling that turns between the two lovers into a sacred prayer in the temple of love!



When your sweetheart embraces, do not let lust dominate you... The woman who feels that her lover only wants her body and cares about sex will diminish her feelings towards him. A lover woman seeks love and warm feelings first... Give her your love and embrace her heart and soul with your heart and soul before your body... Then everything will come!


# By: Ahmed Zaki

# Image source: Pixabay - Free Photo Site & Google.

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