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Don't fear love

I think i will start some poetry again.I have been having a lot on my mind lately.Maybe going live once in a while.

Don't fear love.

Yes we all have been hurt,
Whether your a intro our extrovert.
Yes we all have been rejected.
Yes it feels like your soul is being ejected.

Yes we all have made past relationship
mistakes .
Yes it sometimes feels like driving without breaks.

Yes, we all have given more then our former lovers in love at some point.
Yes, that feeling.The one were your growing weak in your joints.

But why do many of us change for the worse?
doesn't feel heavy? Sometimes it looks like we have been cursed.

Don't we know that by changing for the worse we are closing good opportunistic doors?
Don't we know by changing we give our former lovers more?

Don't let no one change you for the worse.Don't let them take your light, joy, hard work.Know your worth.The pain is extremely heavy,but feel blessed and search for the lesson learned.

Because by changing for the worst, you still give them power over you.
Because by changing for the worst, you will always live in fear that your next lover will hurt you to.

Because by changing for the worst,you will never give more or the same to a lover that deserves it and should be loved like you want to be loved.

I ain't saying don't learn from your past mistakes.
Learn and take your time to self reflect, because for a relationship to work it takes 2 to make that change.

Never ignore the early signs and warnings,
or else be prepaired for a live of hartbreak and nightless mornings.

This is a poem to my nation a.k.a the kings and queens. Don't fear to love if you wanna be loved, but be mindfull, trust your instincts and beware the fake tears.
Untill next time.
I wish you all, love, respect and peace❤✊

Writer:Sergio Faria  6a7718a6ce1834bf949663e687befcae0b086e39717e93c221d04b415ffceac5.jpeg

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i am a financial educator

health, wealth and spirituality
health, wealth and spirituality

this blog will be about health/wealth and spirituality i will make some films and some poetry aswell

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