Virtual HSE is a cham
Scam alert

Virtual HSE is a cham

By DaKing | KingBliz | 2 May 2020


What is VHSE? 

Virtual HSE as the name implies is an organisation registered by WHO, NCDC, ICN to carry out health, safety and environment program both online and onsite but instead they are involved in ponzi schemes. 

This organisation when on air to announce of job opportunities and even went on different platforms to search for applicants and sent them a text message for a job interview of which people traveled from other state amidst the quarantine and lockdown just so they could get a job or so they thought. 


Not only did they stop at the interview of which social distancing rules were not being applied, they attended to hundreds of persons. 

They went further to select a few persons by the next week though they still had interview ongoing. 


During this so called panel interview, they went about over and over again asking the same questions as of before, not longer enough, their MD came around and bout an hour later the R. MD with a rude attitude. 


She, the Regional Manager, said, the training will last for 6(six) months, by the second month we should have been used to the training and then go out to market the company for every client you get a percentage. She went on to say, during the free training, we'll be given allowances but when we bring customers, we'll receive income that they don't want credentials but potentials, aha said the training is free but the license will cost N1,950,000 naira just for license but because of this that it has been slashed to 1% (N19500) that if any would pay that day, they'll receive a customized T-shirt & get to work directly with her, who wouldn't want to walk along side R. MD Virtual HSE, of course some persons walked right in to the trap of which my friend was one of them. 

If you're there and maybe they try it next time don't be a victim and if you've already been one, inform the police. Thank you

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