Will a Record Be Refreshed in Bitcoin?

By king kripto | king crypto | 4 May 2020

Nowadays, it is possible to say that there is stagnation in bitcoin, last week, rising above the 8800 dollar threshold, bitcoin is currently making a correction and continuing on a horizontal course, which gives us information about the direction of the bitcoin.

Bitcoin has entered the upstream train and is gathering strength to renew a record again. It is very important to support this trend with the required volume.

On the other hand, the fact that bitcoin-like tokens have started to take place in our daily life and in many social platforms is an important point that we should not miss, and because of the very short transfer fee and time, many social platforms have started to use them by using bitcoin and similar tokens.

However, it showed how safe bitcoin is and I'm sure that it will show us all by breaking the new record in the coming periods.

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