Now is the time to invest in bitcoin

By Kimani | Kimani | 26 Apr 2020

You might probably be thinking when is the best time to invest in bitcoin. I will like to tell you that now is the best time to invsst.

Bitcoin has half twice since its inception, that was 2012 and 2016. Which during this period, bitcoin experience a bullish rise which is due to increase in demand. I would have love to go into details, but do not let me bore you with economics which is demand and supply. So basically, bitcoin quantity in market is going to half which will lead to increase in demand as supply as being cut. 

To make this article short, there is going to be bitcoin halving by May. Now the bitcoin price is around 7600USD, bitcoin might experience a bullish rise of about 10× increase in price. Like bitcoin price entering 100,000 USD. 

I will suggest you read about past bitcoin halving and how it affect its price. 

Do have a nice day. 



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