Münzen – Taking the Cryptic Out of Crypto Payment Processing

Münzen – Taking the Cryptic Out of Crypto Payment Processing

By Mike Ermolaev | Kikimora News | 13 Jun 2023

Cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular for payments over the last few years, inspiring more businesses to accept them as a payment option.

According to a survey of marketplaces for goods and services, D2C e-commerce, online gaming, media, and entertainment, fintech and insuretech across 10 countries, 23% plan to accept crypto by 2024. The report also revealed that 36% of CFOs would like to settle payments in stablecoins, and 77% of merchants already accepting crypto and stablecoin payments reported growth in cross-border sales.

A total of 82% of companies reported attracting new customers and demographic groups when cryptocurrency was used at checkout, while 62% plan to introduce digital coins, tokens, and NFTs to their loyalty programs.

Although all this evidence points to the benefits of integrating crypto payments into business payment methods, some remain skeptical about cryptocurrency's potential in this regard. Many businesses are often hesitant to get involved with crypto due to its intricacies and lack of understanding of its underlying technology. 

Münzen is an innovative solution offering a seamless way for businesses to accept crypto payments. It is a go-to option for businesses looking to unlock the potential of crypto without taking on the learning curve associated with its use.

Münzen provides companies with the tools and infrastructure that enable them to accept crypto payments and pay out to their customers. This makes it possible to access an entirely new customer pool, as well as benefits associated with blockchain technology. 

By embracing the crypto economy, businesses can expand to new markets, increase their revenue and succeed. This extra revenue stream can be tapped to fund new technologies, expand the workforce, and develop new products. 

Münzen’s crypto payment system integrates seamlessly with existing business payment systems. Using it, companies can accept more than 500 cryptocurrencies with minimal setup and without any technical skills.

Business owners can use Münzen to generate crypto invoices in two ways: in a standard format or in a channel-specific one. The latter allows the payment of current invoices or topping up of future ones using crypto addresses associated with each client. The business gets notified of the transaction immediately and the funds are credited as agreed. This eliminates the need for manual payment reconciliation and makes it easier to track client payments. This also allows for better budget planning and cash flow management. Additionally, it reduces the risk of errors and fraud.

Plus, Münzen's stablecoin auto-conversion feature removes volatility-related risks for businesses. You can exchange any crypto you get from users for fiat-pegged stablecoins that can be converted into fiat of your choice and deposited into your bank account. It lets businesses manage their cash flow more effectively and reduces their exposure to volatile crypto markets.

Münzen also has built-in anti-money laundering checks to ensure businesses never receive crypto associated with criminal activity, and stay compliant with international regulations.

Its customer support team helps businesses set up and manage their accounts. They provide comprehensive guidance on how to get the most out of crypto payments and enhance their benefits.

Along with its crypto processing service, Münzen also offers an intuitive widget that lets users buy cryptocurrencies with 16 fiat currencies in five minutes or less.

With 186 countries covered, it provides users with a secure and fast buying experience. You can install and use the widget in no time, so it's perfect for businesses that want to quickly integrate crypto payments into their systems. Furthermore, the widget is easy to navigate, providing an optimal user experience.

As an EU-certified custodian, Münzen primarily targets Europe. However, in Latin America, it has made waves since adding Brazilian real and with plans to add Pix, an instant payment system developed by the central bank of Brazil.

. In addition, it's paving the way for more financial inclusion, with plans to expand into Asia and the Middle East, where cryptocurrency interest is booming. It's also working on localizing its website so users can access it in their language.

With Münzen, you can access a fresh stream of crypto-savvy customers and do business with them hassle-free and securely anywhere in the world. Make your business more efficient and grow faster! Take advantage of the crypto revolution and tap into an exciting world of possibilities with Münzen's innovative and secure crypto processing technology!


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