Life Time Access Trading Bot

Life Time Access Trading Bot

By KeShean | KeSheansCorner | 24 Nov 2020

Ultimate Trading Bot

Only $75 cnd

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Passive Income



Those that been following me know I have a love-hate relationship with trading bots I have purchased a few over the years I have made gains even with my little peanut wallet. However, I can honestly say there is one bot that truly has my heart with an 85% success rate she has been good to me over the years. She was my little secret, when people would ask me what trading bot I was using I would tell them to use google lol
So Why do I love this trading Bot.  


Trading Strategy


 The bot is included with a pre-made strategy (85% success rate), you don't need to have any knowledge in trading to use. That's right any newb or greenhorn trading can use this bot and feel confident in the trades the robot is making.


Multiple Platforms 

Whether you use Windows, MacOS or Linux, you can use and love this bot.
I have this trading 24/7 365 days a week, I run the bot on a virtual machine at a cost of roughly $11.00 Canadian

Faster Than a Human

The bot can scan simultaneously 200+ pairs at the same time in order to pick the right coin and time to jump in.  It's 2020 soon to be 2021, we have the technology! All joking aside this bot really is faster than any human at scanning the market looking for trades to make you profit... Did I mention the bot doesn't sleep?


Track Trades

Receive notifications whenever the bot buys / sells (via Telegram app) which is really handy come tax season all the trades the robot made sent to your telegram account.

10 hour video 

Hope every one is doing Well, Thanks for reading 



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