LetsGo.Finance $EGO, $40 a Day Staking
Make $40 a day with LetsGo.Finance

LetsGo.Finance $EGO, $40 a Day Staking

By 416Bitcoin | 416Bitcoin | 11 Oct 2021




Is a blockchain-based donation and media company. Let’s Go! Has designed a donation system built around staking, NFT’s,  rewards, engagement, community governance and an incentive system that will result in influencers in multiple industries promoting the Let’sGo! platform with tremendous passion and veracity.  

$EGO tokens offer access to the Let’sGo! Platform. Within the community, users have the ability to stake, donate, buy and earn their precious EGO. Participants are rewarded with EGO for their staking and donations for the projects that are listed on Let’s Go!. Unlike other donation platforms, users can stake on a project and determine what percentage APY both the project and the user (person staking) will receive. If the user stakes a single stable coin or large cap coin (not EGO), the artist will receive payment in a stable coin plus whatever percentage of APY in EGO the user would like to split.

$EGO tokens give unique governance opportunities to the influencer-driven community, including how money is donated to charities, activism, defense funds and new media. Think of it like the TV show Shark Tank but instead of a few panelists judging the fate of those in need of money, it is a decentralized group of EGOmaniacs.


In 2008 the citizens began protesting Wall Street and banker bailouts, in what would become known as “Occupy Wall Street”. This energy and the non-stop printing of USD by the Federal Reserve lead to the creation and necessity of a new currency: Bitcoin.

What followed in the next 10+ years was a flood of innovation in the blockchain space.

At the same time, tech giants, along with banks, credit card processors, donation websites and more began removing users for violating “Terms of Use”, which can be ill-defined and ever-changing. Artists, activists, influencers and more began to find that in order to remain on the platforms of traditional fundraising solutions, they had to censor themselves.

The above created the necessity of a new payment system for creators, organizations and charities: Let’sGo!.


Let’sGo! Is a decentralized donation platform that connects artists and organizations to supporters. Supporters can stake and receive a high APY% of the $EGO token. This rewards those staking and will incentivize participation. At the same time, the user will choose a percentage being staked to go to an organization or artist. In addition, artists can receive a percentage of APY in a stable coin.

By leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology and utilizing the split APY model of of donating, along with optional paywalls, Let’sGo is leading the way in the donation space. We not only escape the pitfalls of censorship and payment blockages, we allow participants to govern in a multitude of ways, including votes on what charities and artists receive tokens from the “Donation Vaults”. This will again increase participation within our platform, as the community votes on where funds will be distributed.

The Let’sGo’s marketing team has 20 Billion video views for clients over the past 6 years resulting in millions in sales and donations for clients in the areas of fundraising, charity, politics and health. They understand the need for decentralized donation platforms on both a business and personal level, void of censorship and banking restrictions.


Let’sGo! is the future of donating and fundraising. The combination of micro-influencers, well-known artists and charities working towards social good will create a marketing machine on social media that can’t be stopped, which will result in incentivized and organic marketing by influencers and brands.


Unlike any donation platform before, Let’sGo! combines the incentives for users to stake for massive returns and dedicate a percentage to their favorite artist or organization.

They stake for a cause they want to support.

As a result, egonomics creates diamond hands for social good.

Supporters can donate, without spending money and be rewarded in a big way.

There are no credit card cancellations.

Your tokens allow you to vote on critical societal issues and new projects.

Every. Vote. Counts. (on the blockchain)

Just stake it and forget it!


Here is a Example of some of the current Influencers who are using LetsGo.Finance

EGO Hodlers

Here is a Example of what your profile will look like when you open an account with LetsGo.Finance 
Remember this is decentralized platform, you are in full control of your funds! 
From here, your supporters are stake with you, or you can set a pay wall, so supporters
will have to stake a minimum amount before they have access to your full profile and blog! 

How I make over $40 a day staking $EGO

Currently the APY for $EGO (LetsGo.Finance native token)
is 186% and for cake it is 240%. To make $40 a day passively I choose to stake $EGO Tokens.
The Benefits of staking with LetsGo.Finance is the high interest and the freedom to withdraw at any time as there is no lock up requirements. I hold roughly 75000 EGO and every 24 I make approximately 600 $EGO. Current price of $EGO is  0.056 USDT we seen a weekly high of  0.11 USDT

Lets Go Finance

LetsGo.Finance is a new project, so if you like getting in on new projects or u feel like you always "missing the boat" then this is what you been waiting for!

Things you will need before getting started are
1) MetaMask Wallet 
2)Binance Smart Chain added to MetaMask
3 Deposit BNB into MetaMask

Hope to see you all soon here are some important links regarding LetsGo.Finance 





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