AAX 60 seconds INTEREST
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AAX 60 seconds INTEREST

By 416Bitcoin | 416Bitcoin | 25 Dec 2020

  Compounding Interest Every 60 Seconds!




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AAX is a trusted and extremely safe crypto exchange with more than half a million users. However here in north America they don't have a huge presences. 


Passive Income Passive Income


One one the benefits of being a cryptocurrency holder is the high-interest rates being offered by companies such as YouHodler which pays interest every week and Nexi.io  which also pays interest daily other than weekly at a slightly high rate than YouHodler

With AAX you earn more, up to 600% more!

Flexible savings accounts that accrue by the minute! Not Weekly, Not Monthly, Not Daily, Not hourly, INTEREST ACCRUING EVERY MINUTE 


savings account passive income Interest Rates



How To Begin with AAX Savings? 

Sign up here 

Once you have created an account, deposit your funds to the exchange. Transfer assets into your savings account from your spot account, Click on "Allocate", follow the steps to subscribe to a vault, the first interest earnings will be credited on the following day. Did a mention, there are No Fees, and you can withdraw anytime! 


Unfortunately they are not available to US customers but a VPN might solve this issue. 


Hope To see you all on AAX







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