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By ZKernalz | Kernal | 18 Dec 2021

   The days of winning over the person or people to invest in you and your business or idea may be on the edge of extinction. The idea of walking into a bank asking for a loan for your startup or seeking to acquire funding from venture capitalists may soon be a thing of the past. Technology is transforming from human bias and faith into algorithms using personal milestones, certain criteria, and statistics to rate your "success" likelihood. 

   The people at CB Insight have developed an algorithm called Management Mosaic to help alleviate the burden of the unknown when selecting who or what to invest into. Using next generation AI software, a business will be rated and determined worthy of investment based on their structure, profit/loss potential, demographic, etc. as well as the owner's and employee's history of success. The interesting part of this method is how it focuses deeply on the employee's career history involving:

  • Past employers
  • When they joined prior companies
  • The milestones those companies achieved while they worked there
  • Network quality based on other people they're likely to know
  • Educational institution
  • Education level achieved

   There is upside to this method allowing software to generate foreseeable outcomes of how well a startup will do based on more than just a product idea in a particular market. Involving all of the variables of who or what an investor is investing in seems the most practical to achieve the best results for a profitable venture. 

   However, with all technology that eliminates human evaluation there is potential for overlooked criteria that artificial intelligence will leave out of it's equation such as economic and race inequality. If this software was to judge a business's projections based on historical data using statistics revolving around African American businesses owners, especially female, over the last 100 years the algorithm would determine 1% of black males received venture capital for a startup and less than 1% for females. This creates bias for all groups of color and lowers their expected potential as a business owner solely from a marginalized wealth gap. 

   Predicting and measuring the health and success of a company through AI software is on the right path. Analyzing a business's momentum, market, and profit that the algorithm will pick up and signal of successful traits seems in theory to be ideal for discovering tomorrow's unicorn enterprises. Although, there are still some variables that need to be involved that a computer-generated data system may overlook. The future leaders of tomorrow will come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, religion, and wealth status. Success potential is not based on who we were or what we have done but, where we are as a person and what we are capable of. Ultimately, using these types of algorithms combined with human analysis will prove to be the most optimal. AI software is here and will continue to grow however, without human oversight and that feeling you get in your gut about making the right decision, we will discard the opportunity for those who do not fit the stereotype and ignore those who hold the ideas of tomorrow. -K

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