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By ZKernalz | Kernal | 18 Dec 2021

   With all the popularity of crypto there has been attention brought to the potential this market possesses to corporations that have a surplus of capital. That is why all types of sports teams and players have been involving themselves in the crypto world because they see there is profit to be made. Such as purchasing the Staples Center where the Lakers' play and renaming it Arena. Along with the many jerseys worn by players that showcase a crypto involved logo for advertisement and sponsorship. Tom Brady was recently in a television commercial for FTX and claims he is starting his own NFT company. Some players have even begun to accept crypto as part payment of their salary like Trevor Lawrence of the Jacksonville Jaguars. With this amount of spotlight on crypto and the blockchain's capabilities, these massive sports organizations are going to become a major influence on a crypto company's success and the token prices that are involved.

   In today's sports world, two of every three avid sports watchers have heard or are involved in crypto. Many sports watchers are sports betters like myself, that enjoy taking the risk for the opportunity to win big. If you are willing to risk your hard-earned money on elements that are completely out of your hands such as touchdowns and passing yards, then you are most likely willing to risk that same money in the crypto market. Sports betting exploded when it became legalized outside of the state of Nevada to other states through sports betting apps such as DraftKings and FanDuel. The next big thing will be the relationship crypto has with sports betting allowing you to wager directly with your cryptocurrency tokens on sports lines. 

   Also, there are NFTs of big-time athletes that are being purchased virtually like trading cards. These cards hold different value based on their grade and rarity. Pro athletes such as Tom Brady, Niomi Osaka, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Hawk and more have been digitalized into NFT cards that are released in limited quantity to be collected, such as a signed Tom Brady Sapphire NFT that is listed on DraftKings marketplace for $15,999 or even his Ruby College Resume selling for $1,550. The selling of these athletes NFTs, granted their permission, allows them to widen their brand to fans especially for lesser-known athletes. They also receive most of the profit from the sale of the NFTs based on their image and likeness. They also offer more than just trading cards and resumes, the blockchain is so effective at monetizing almost anything, a player can even send a personal message to a fan for the right price. 

   Overall, NFTs for athletes are another effort to make money from their abilities and involve the fans with more options to collect memorabilia of a player they admire. Allowing them to own a piece of history that could be handed down to their children or sell it for a profit in the future. Eventually people will be showing off their wallets of athlete NFTs on their phone instead of breaking out the old binder of encased trading cards. -K


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