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Doge click bot on Telegram - Legit or not!

By Kayzzy3 | KenKen CryptoJibe | 31 Jul 2021


In my first week on the cryptospace one of the first places I looked for free opportunities to make free and easy cryptocurrencies was Telegram, the fellow was lead me on the cryptocurrency hunt escapade actually introduced me to a couple of telegram bots, channels and groups, assuring me that continuous stay and actively participation in those groups, channels and bots will pay off fast because I was sure to accumulate a very handsome quantity of various cryptocurrencies including our darling Bitcion. Did it pay off eventually? well those who had same experiences like may will tell better but for me, it was a two way experience.

A) I was so disappointed because I high hopes that I would make so much money seeing that the counts on one particular bot - Bitcoin Adclick and Eth Adclick- was high that I was already calculating my proceeds from the sales of both to the tune of $5,000.00, my excitement however was cut short when on reaching withdrawal thresh hold i was asked to make payment to certain wallet addresses for gas fee and quick transfer(Which was a scam) or go ahead and withdraw normally but expect delay in transfer, I did the latter but the BTC and ETH never arrived till date. Same thing happened with almost all the Telegram bot I engaged, it was a very bitter experience, I spent my money and time all to no avail.

B) It gave an opportunity to learn firsthand, what works or not and puts me at a vantage pedestal to advise a rookie or indeed anyone on how to manage their expectations while using the Telegram bots, till date, I find it funny when people send me same links to join one Telegram bot or the other to earn cryptocurrency, I usually laugh and ask them not to waste their time, in all of this I found that DOGE CLICK BOTS are very legit bots and I will say the only legit PTC bot on Telegram.




The Dogeclick bot has bots for the following cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin, Zcach (Zec), Litecoin and BitcoinCash. But I have only concentrated on two of the bots which are DogeClick bot the link is right here - Dogecoin_click_bot  and the Zcashclick bot (Zec) the link right here - Zcash_click_bot , for very personal reasons I just find both very interesting, you can use the links above to join the bots and see how you will earn Fast and get paid. They also run a very rewarding referral system on their bots, but this is not the crust of the matter, as referrals is not a prerequisite for earning or withdrawing your funds from the bot, infact that is not even important to them, so I don't bother myself about referring. 

I have received a couple of payments from bot i have been using the picture below shows my transactions from the Dogeclick bot, 52299b139ec826bac19c8b852f5f8907fb6d9686c4cd25a759ae4eae9a90fd3e.jpg

I earned and successfully withdrew twice now from the bot straight to my wallet without hitches of any kind.

This other picture is the transaction from the ZcashClick bot, I withdrew straight to my wallet

. 3f27b9344969ab40615deacee06b5ccd2131b252617a7dbb957a7962c1be03ba.jpg


No doubt we all have many other activities we do daily, sometimes we have to prioritize, draw a scale of preference or make a time table so that we can meet up with our daily obligations, so many thing also come up during the day that may knock off totally most things we have lined up, I think its is all the same experience everywhere. I learnt how to just do a little of the task per day, since I have limited my self to just two of the bots.

I do just 5 PTC task on each every morning, that is 10 clicks, i may not visit the bots till the next day. Make it a daily routine and see what you can make from the in 3 months. This has been the way I run.


It is very LEGIT! I do it because I don't want to waste my time only socializing on telegram, I should also benefit from the resources on the platform, you too can start by using the links I provided above if you didn't get them here they are again.

Dogecoin_click_bot and Zcash click bot to start earning right away! GOODLUCK!

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