Don't Be A Stranger!

By Kelly Kel | kellykel | 12 Aug 2019

   The passed year I have bounced around from the suburbs of Medina County, Ohio to the city streets of Cleveland, Ohio. In 2016 I lost my husband and everything else shortly after that, I was physically and emotionally homeless as such. I was so use to being on a set schedule the past twenty plus years, I was lost in this big world filled with endless time. Not only was I lost, a part of my identity faded away with every single thing that faded away in my life also . Unfortunately, life does not come with a manual on how to deal with grief, heartache, or loss. If only this destination I was going on had a road map, life would be so much easier . 

   On this "tour" as I call it, it sounds better than transient, I discovered a whole new world. I crossed paths with people I would never have crossed paths with. I tried real greek food for the first time, ate Vietnamese Pho Soup made by a Grandmother of six which was delicious, ate the best empanadas in a spot tucked away on the lower Westside of Cleveland, made by a native New Yorker who smashed it, and Grandmas fried chicken, collard greens and fried okra was to die for on the Eastside of Cleveland!

  I got to experience all these awesome experiences by starting a five to seven minute conversation with a complete stranger. Now in todays society you do have people with bad intentions, I am not denying that. With that being said, what about all the great people we can learn from, understand from, enjoy food with, and capture their life story? Our own fear built up from the "idiot box", bullshit social media stories plastered online, and inaccurate gossip can hinder us as human beings from growing within ourselves. We all, no matter what nationality you are, experience the same hardships, grief, and tragedies. We all enjoy fashion, movies, music, food, art, and even superheros! 

  The point I am trying to make is go out and experience something you never have done before  Today as a society we are so stuck in our everyday patterns and schedules, we see different as a threat, when it should be viewed as a wisdom. Don't limit yourself by physically limiting yourself. Live life, since no day is a guarantee, it's a gift everyday you wake up. Life is to short not to take that five to seven minutes and learn something new, make a new best friend, or just make someones day! 



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Kelly Kel
Kelly Kel

Went from having everything to being homeless due to death, grief, addiction, and hitting rock bottom . Now I have helped lost souls like I was at one time by sharing my story and helping them conquer how they react to what the universe has thrown at them

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