Creative Communication Ownership

By Kelly Kel | kellykel | 11 Aug 2019

   You ever look at your phone and see that name pop up that you dread to respond to? How about walking down an isle of the grocery store and see that one person who does nothing but complain, so we put our sunglasses over our eyes, thinking it will make us "invisible" to the outside world? Better yet, we attend a wedding or another formal function were assigned seating is the case? 

  Life is always going to test us in a realm of situations; communication is one of them. The angle or approach of how we respond is going to be key. Remember when communicating with one person or four, you technically own a "percentage" of that conversation and the direction it may take can all be up to you, depending on your "navigation" skills. 

   For example, "Marie", who only calls to throw gossip into the atmosphere since she has nothing else to do, chimes your phone. Be proactive and take control of the conversation before she has an opportunity. Pregame the conversation before she can get a word in from the start. Answer the phone and ask her "Did you see that football game?" or "How is the weather over there?" Sound crazy, right? Try it, it just may work since "Marie" is not expecting you to come in at that angle from the start. You preoccupy that dreaded caller you will make them forget their partial, if not all, "bitch session".Do it enough phone calls, they will eventually will get the hint and move on to the next non listening ear to their rants.

   Your "invisible man" sunglasses not working correctly at the grocery store, and someone notices you in the frozen food isle? When the conversation gets awkward or it's time to stage left and exit, pull out a bag of frozen chicken legs out and ask them if they ever seen a pair of legs like that. Ask them if isle ten has any good sales going on, not even knowing what isle ten contains. Sometimes in an awkward, "I don't want to participate" conversation, humor is the best strategy . Let's face it, you are already in the vortex of it, what are you going to do, throw your wing dings on the ground and run for the doors? Probably not.

  Bottom line is this, we all are going to have to face situations in life we try to escape; certain people is one of them. If we all understand that we, us as human beings, have partial ownership of that situation and can choose partially how it turns out, the world would be a better place in the long run. If you don't understand what that other person is saying, don't assume, use the mouth God gave you and ask them to explain, thats your responsibility. Someone ranting about a close friend of yours and you don't want to hear it, change it, you have partial ownership of what is being conversed. In an awkward predicament, use your quick wit humor tongue to exit. Everyone has a voice, time to start using it!

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Kelly Kel
Kelly Kel

Went from having everything to being homeless due to death, grief, addiction, and hitting rock bottom . Now I have helped lost souls like I was at one time by sharing my story and helping them conquer how they react to what the universe has thrown at them

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