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Juicy Fields, become an online farmer

By Cryptonimus | Kamy Coin | 6 Apr 2022

The Juicy Fields platform allows you to become an online farmer, be part of a crowdgrowing, where thanks to your contributions you generate profits helping to grow the medical cannabis business.

How does Juicy Fields work?

You as an investor decide how many plants you want to buy or sponsor. For 108 days these plants will be bred, harvested and when you decide, the final product will be sold to companies in the sector so that they can make use of the product.

With your capital, the farmers selected by Juicy Fields will continue to grow the plants.

Once the fruit has been harvested, it will be sold to companies in the medicinal sector with which we already have agreements.

Depending on the amount that has been harvested from your plant, as it is a living thing, sometimes it generates more product and sometimes less, there are many factors that can influence this.

But they will always give you a higher return than what you have invested.

juicy fields

Advantages of Juicy Fields

It is a real product, and it has a real process. You are not investing in smoke.

The minimum investment is only 50€ and you can receive more than 20% profit after the 108 days that the process of sowing, breeding, harvesting and selling lasts.

It is a company that you can find at many cannabis exhibitions around the world. With very good references.

juicy fields

My personal experience

I started with an investment of 250 euros, buying 5 Juicy Flash plants.

So far I have been reinvesting it all, and thanks to the affiliate program and the benefits of those plants, today I am already on an investment of 12 plants, that is, I have 600 euros invested.

My idea is to withdraw 250 euros in April, when I will reap the benefits of a harvest of 7 plants, and from then on I will reinvest and withdraw but always trying to have more plants in production.

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