Worst Faucet Shortlink Offenders

Worst Faucet Shortlink Offenders

By kainegaroo | kainegaroo | 18 Oct 2020


While this is fresh in my mind, I thought I would bring up the worst Shortlink Offenders currently on faucets that I have found. If you see links from these posters, feel free to click them and try YOUR luck. I have a feeling you will learn I am very accurate in my opinion. I use chrome/brave browsers with Ublock Origin added.


I was into crypto for years, but only recently this year got back into faucets. I decided I wanted to earn some TRON so I located a few faucets for a site called ExpressCrypto. I spent every possible second doing something at one of their sites. At one point I had 40+ autofaucets going, plus 20 other hourly claim sites everyday. At the very minimum.  All of them with captchas constantly and site hiccups that made you do all the work over again twenty minutes later.

After 3 months of clicking, I had accrued just under $2.00 of crypto on the website. Concurrently, I had spent all that time ignoring reality and jumping through THEIR hoops, spent $300.00 in internet, god knows in electricity and cigarettes, plus I got a data limit notice from Mediacom.

Plus as a bonus, I actually did something to my finger because of it. Seriously, the next week I did not use my PC because my fingertip was numb and sore. Every click ached. That is why I made my other posts here with good links that don't cause these issues.


I am just being honest.


For all of that nothingness, there were a few shortlink owners that made a bad situation almost unbearable. Those shortlink providers are: DUTCHY, FAUPTO, DODGEMATE, and BITCOINLY/COINLYHUB. I will explain each below.


In the beginning a few months ago, these links were bearable to do. VERY LONG but doable. It would take over a minute per link, but at least at the end it let you through. Not anymore. Its now almost 2 minutes to complete if you do, it has added a new page in the middle of the ads pages with more clicks, sometimes yet another one also pops up that you must wait and click an invisible X to remove. If you don't click the X you get redirected repeatedly.  Also the Captchas take 6 tries each to complete.

I am under the impression that all those captchas we solve aren't really solving our own, but those "paid to solve" ones redirected to us with them collecting payments for those solves. Thanks Dutchy. 


Uses overlays on pages so when you click buttons to continue, you are actually clicking an invisible redirect button above the button your trying to click. Those pages your sent to redirect you over and over endlessly. If you make it to the last page, your last click will normally redirect in such a way you must start the ENTIRE claim over again from the start. Many ads on pages and popups constantly. Also Includes ALFLY redirects, a LOT of them.


Like FAUPTO above, but make him look like a choirboy. There is one tron faucet I tried everyday for a month because I was a Marine and don't give up, but I NEVER COMPLETED IT. Not once. Always last step too.


This one is so bad to covers every bad offense you can get. I would rather hit my hand with a hammer than do these.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, consider my advice and save your health and probably your computer from infection. Remember, your life is YOUR life, if you spend 4 minutes to make 1 millionth of 1 thousandth of $0.01 of crypto, are you really earning anything at all?


Thanks for your time.


Im a dude.


I intend to write about ways to earn crypto, computer related tutorials, and probably occasional muses on daily events in my life.

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