What about "green" crypto ?!

By K1P | K1P_Cryptonews | 12 Apr 2023

A green crypto is a crypto-currency that integrates environmental solutions among its issues and works to spend as little energy as possible during its transactions. A movement sometimes against the current, insofar as crypto-currencies are often described as energy-intensive.

Many cryptos assume their responsibilities and take environmental issues seriously, and this should continue over the years.

The offers are multiplying, let's take a look !


Plastiks PLASTIK

The Plastik is probably not the most popular, but it remains a serious project, with great potential.

Its proposal is simple: to propose an eco-responsible market place, on which the projects present would contribute to the fight for the reduction of plastic waste.

If the project is not yet the best known, it is nonetheless interesting and already credible. Indeed, Plastiks has for example collaborated with an NFT collection of the Lancaster Hotel in Paris. Plastik is not one of the most popular green cryptocurrencies but it nevertheless has great potential.

Coinmarketcap Link

> An innovative project
> Integration of NFTs into environmental issues
> Simple and clear operation, the fight for waste reduction



Cardano is not a 100% green crypto, but the team behind the project is doing everything possible to improve its environmental impact.

ADA is based on Proof-of-Stake. This is an argument that has already been used many times in order to present Cardano as an “Ethereum killer”, before the Merge is put in place.

Thus, Cardano boasts of consuming 99% less energy than Bitcoin and emitting very little CO2 in comparison. Pretty good, no?

Coinmarketcap Link

> Works with Proof-of-Stake
> A Solid Top 10 Cryptocurrency
> A minimal CO2 rejection rate
> Efforts are really made by the team



Algorand is an excellent green crypto-currency, which has already established itself well in this sector, it also works in Proof of stake.

Algorand works with very low transaction costs (about 0.008 Wh per transaction).

Green blockchain par excellence, Algorand has partners like Climatrade and carries out concrete actions in favor of the climate, which makes its place among the best green crypto-currencies absolutely indisputable.

Coinmarketcap Link

> Based on Proof-of-Stake
> Very low transaction costs
> Sensible and useful partnerships, in particular Climatrade
> A cryptocurrency that has already taken many actions in favor of the environmental impact


IMPTIMPT is a young project that was launched at the end of 2022. The principle of is very simple: limit and reduce its carbon footprint.

The project incorporates different promising strategies. First of all, the carbon credits that you will withdraw (after having directly purchased them through the platform) will allow you to receive unique NFTs created by artists.

In addition, the project has many world-renowned partners. You should know that with each purchase from a partner, a specific percentage of the sale will earn you Tokens.

With your rewards, you will be able to purchase a carbon credit with your IMPT Token. The project allows from its platform to be a staker and also to be a partner of the brand.

A lot is still expected to happen, the IMPT Token can establish itself among the best green cryptocurrencies in the long term.

Coinmarketcap Link

> Official App on Android & IOS launch on April 2023 
> Focused on reducing carbon emissions
> A detailed and ambitious roadmap
> A very large list of partners



Ecoterra positions itself as a Recycle-to-Earn ecosystem. The concept is to reward users for their ecological actions and encourage companies to adopt healthy and sustainable practices.

This project is based on several key elements. First, a Recycle-2-Earn application for the general public allows users to earn $ECOTERRA tokens by scanning items to be recycled to obtain rewards. These tokens can then be used to support various environmental initiatives, such as cleaning up the oceans, funding renewable energy projects, or providing access to online training on environmental preservation.
Ecoterra also offers a marketplace for carbon offsets, allowing individuals and especially companies to offset their CO2 emissions.

Ecoterra is therefore an ecosystem in favor of the environment. Using blockchain technology, the project aims to accelerate the preservation of environmental impact by rewarding users for their responsible actions.

The pre-sale is launched, the token is currently offered at $0.004




Faced with increasing environmental issues, the world of cryptos is adapting. A majority works with Proof-of-Stake, the basis of reduced energy consumption.

Finally, many cryptos take their responsibilities and take environmental issues very seriously, a mentality that should continue over the years.

Let's keep protecting the planet !!

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