Marcos Galperin, CEO of MercadiLibre.

Bitcoin - better than gold?

By Little Bull | Cryptos.News | 5 Feb 2021

In response to the recent bitcoin record breaking, voices from all over the world did not stop and did not hold back. This is the case of Marcos Galperin CEO of MercadoLibre, who in Argentina is compared to Jeff Bezos.

In his words he was surprised by a question he asked himself, Is it a real rise or just a bubble that will burst, and it really seemed to scare him since on the Monday that followed the bitcoin fell 30%.

Although time actually proved his first term right, and it was only a setback that today we can practically establish as a floor to start dreaming of new ceilings in the future.

Among his strongest statements we find his conviction that "bitcoin is a better store of value than gold". Absolutely questionable today due to the high volatility of the currency, the visionary millionaire also questioned that bitcoin could not replace legal tender due to its high energy consumption.
Closing in this way that in the future the currency aims to be a strong reserve of value against conventional currencies.

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