Why Regular Eye Test is Necessary

By jordantin | jordantin | 22 Jun 2020

Do you even allow your eyes to rest???

The eyes are getting tired more than ever before. It is all because of the extra strain you are causing to your eyes by using digital devices like mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tabs for prolonged hours for working, playing games, binge-watching and also staying awake like an owl at night. Isn’t it necessary to take care of your eyes after all the weariness?

Just like your routine health and dental check-up, even your eyes deserve a check-up. According to a study, vision problems are arising at an alarming rate. Hence it is essential to take eye examination seriously, irrespective of your age and how keen your present eyesight is. Just because you can see perfectly doesn’t mean you don’t need an eye test. Prevention is always better than cure.

Eye check-up evaluate the health of your eyes

Not just eye health, regular eye test also ensure how is your overall health. In the normal vision screening, the eye doctor checks if your eyesight is in good condition. They also ask for details such as family history, prevailing vision condition, lifestyle, usage of digital devices and everything else that can determine your eye health and if necessary what treatment should be done.

Symptoms generally asked for

Your optometrist might ask for some common questions such as:

  • Any current eye problem you are witnessing like blurred vision, dry eyes, watery eyes etc.
  • Any current medication you are taking
  • Any visual condition treated before
  • If you are having any chronic disease
  • Family history of eye disease

What is visual screening?

The eye doctor conducts a visual screening to evaluate eye health. Various tests are done where the individuals are asked to read the letters on the chart placed 20 feet away. Each eye is tested individually.

Identify eye conditions

An eye test can address vision problem if any and you could be recommended for treatment like prescription glasses, contact lenses, blue light glasses/computer glasses, medication or surgery. Regular eye exams can also help to detect serious problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract which can be treated at the early stage.

Identify health problems

As mentioned above eye test also ensure overall health condition. An eye test can help to detect early major health problems like diabetes, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, hypertension or tumour.

Vision therapy

For common vision problems, the eye doctor may suggest vision therapy. It has been proven effective for eye problems like

  • Double vision
  • Reading trouble
  • Crossed eyes
  • Lazy eyes

The therapy greatly helps in reducing or even eliminating the symptoms. The therapy is normally performed using some equipment.

Myopia has become the biggest concern

Myopia is now an epidemic as it is growing faster than ever, especially more in kids. The best way to assess the risk of myopia in children is by conducting an annual eye exam. Only if it is detected early, proper measures can be taken to control the progression of myopia which can further lead to serious vision condition.

Even if you think you have a crystal clear vision, do not think of putting off an eye exam. It is necessary for the well being of your precious eyes.

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