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5 Tips to Care for Your Eyeglasses

By jordantin | jordantin | 9 Feb 2021

Your eyeglasses are essential accessories. Your relationship with your eyeglasses should be the same as your other belongings - they need to receive the same attention, care and love you give your favorite jacket or car for them to last.

Just like you, your glasses face the same adventures and trials in the concrete jungle every day, and at the end of the day, they deserve the equivalent of a long, hot shower.

It should be a daily ritual to clean your glasses. Not only does it keep it in optimal condition, but it also helps last long. If you clean your glasses regularly, using whatever is handy to clean them is not ideal.

To help you care best for your glasses, here are 5 simple tips to care for your glasses.

1. Rinse

You take your glasses with you wherever you go. Over time dust, dirt and smudges will settle on your glasses. If you wipe these tiny particles which settle on your lens, they can be abrasive and scratch the lens. You should always rinse your glasses off once a day with water before you clean or wipe them. With clean glasses, you don’t have to strain your eyes to look through dirty glasses.

2. Use the right cloth

Never use material with textured surfaces like napkins, tissues, or paper towels to dry your lenses. Regardless of how soft these materials feel on your skin, the surfaces can scratch your lenses easily.

It’s also not a good idea to use the tail of your shirt. There are chances that over time, the fibres in the fabric can scratch the lens of your eyeglasses, unless the fabric is 100% cotton. Dirt from the fabric can also transfer onto the glasses.

Typically, designer glasses case come with a cleaning cloth. You can have access to high quality microfiber material.

3. Grip firmly

Grip your eyeglasses by the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. When you clean, this grip will keep you from accidently bending the frame. A bent glass not only negatively affects the way you see but also can feel uncomfortable.

4. Store properly

Let’s admit it, when you’re not wearing your glasses it’s way easier to keep them on your head, leave them in the glove compartment or throw them into your handbag/backpack. However, doing so, your glasses will not last.

It’s best to store your glasses in a case when you’re not using them, this will protect it from damage and or dust. There are plenty of foldable glasses cases available.

A little forward thinking will help your eyeglasses last long and help you see clearly too.

5. Use both hands

Taking off glasses with one hand is cool and only works in movies. In everyday reality, this iconic gesture can misalign the frame or loosen the screws.

Unless an occasion calls for a move straight out of Mission Impossible where you’re pretending your Tom Cruise, you should use both your hands to put on and take off your glasses.

Glasses which seem too tight or slip down your nose need adjusting. Even if they’re eyeglasses from online, you should visit your nearest optical store.

See the World Clearly

Knowing how to take care of your glasses correctly can ensure they help you have crystal clear vision and help them last longer.

While proper care is essential, it’s also important to know the right time to get a new pair. If you feel the time is now, browse from a variety of glasses online and choose your favorite pair.


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