Choosing the best antivirus for computers and laptops

By osmarperigo | jokm | 14 May 2021

The virus is one of the biggest threats to you, PC and Laptop owners. Computer viruses can usually damage computer software and cannot directly damage hardware, but they can result in damage to the way of loading a program that forced the process on a specific device.

The negative effects of computer viruses are to reproduce, which means that a computer's resources (such as memory usage) have been significantly reduced.

Almost 95% of Windows operating systems based on computer viruses. The rest attacked Linux / GNU, Mac, FreeBSD, OS / 2, IBM and Sun systems. Malicious viruses that damage hardware, so we have to be careful when your computer or laptop has been infected by a virus.

Virus attacks can be prevented or resolved using antivirus. Antivirus software can also detect and remove computer viruses. A computer virus can be removed with a database (database / detection base signature), heuristic, or the program's own rank (Quantum).



There are many different types of computer viruses that are spread with the types of viruses that exist today. Not all antiviruses are great for your laptop or computer, so you must be careful in choosing the type of antivirus as needed. Below are some tips from how to choose the best antivirus for your computer or laptop

Choose an antivirus that is not too big in size. Because of the larger size, it will then become heavy antivirus is running and will affect the stability of your computer.
Please read carefully and completely about the antivirus website, whether it has additional plugins or not. Additional plugins will be very useful.
Observe the RTP (Real Time Protector) engine, because with the antivirus engine it will protect the computer from attacks of viruses, malware, etc. that occur suddenly.
Select Antivirus can be updated online, it aims to ensure that you do not have to worry about looking for the Antivirus update.
In paid Antivirus, the features are more complete than free antivirus. It all depends on your choice.
If you are a user of the Windows operating system, it is good you are using Microsoft antivirus which is MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), this very powerful application to prevent your computer or laptop from viruses, spyware, etc.

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