$100 to $1,000,000 in 284 days?? Surely not!!

COTPS is my new favourite money earner, but can it last?


I was introduced to Cryptos OTC (COTPS) about 6 weeks ago. Someone who I only know via telegram kept telling me ‘you need to get on this platform, it is paying me 3.3% per day’! Obviously my initial thoughts were, no chance…

Fast forward to 5 weeks later and the same guy has turned his $2.5k initial investment into over $7k, he’s taken out the $2.5k he started with, and now he’s playing the system with completely free money!

So last week I decided to invest a little bit in it just to see what the fuss is all about. And to be honest, it’s great!

I’m earning about 2.5% per day by operating manually (you can automate the process with a VPS and script so that it continues to trade while you sleep, maximising your gains to up to 3.3% per day)

So, the biggest question to ask is, ‘is this sustainable?’

3.3% ROI per day is a crazy figure. So much so that if you invested $100, and you traded for 284 days, you will earn over $1,000,000!!

1*NEAkCptbZIeveWjxO0XORQ.png https://www.thecalculatorsite.com/finance/calculators/daily-compound-interest.php

How does COTPS work?

In it’s simplest form, COTPS is an arbitrage trading platform. The system automatically searches for arbitrage opportunities, and then pairs your investment with those opportunities for a quick ROI. You can only do this a certain number of times per day. So in order to gain the most from the platform, you should come back every 2h15m to tell the platform to pair your capital with new arbs.

What is Arbitrage Trading?

Arbitrage trading is a relatively low-risk trading strategy that takes advantage of price differences across markets. Most of the time, this involves buying and selling the same asset (like Bitcoin) on different exchanges. Since the price of Bitcoin should, in theory, be equal on Binance and on another exchange, any difference between the two is likely an arbitrage opportunity.
This is a very common strategy in the trading world, but it’s mostly been a tool of large financial institutions. With the democratization of financial markets thanks to cryptocurrencies, there might be an opportunity for cryptocurrency traders to take advantage of it, too.


Back to COTPS

So as you can see, arbitrage trading is a very legitimate and low risk strategy for trading.

COTPS uses P2P exchanges to find arbitrage opportunities, matches your capital to these arbs, and then returns your money with profit a couple of hours later.

What I really like about this platform compared to others is that you do not have to lock your funds into a contract or in the system. You can withdraw at anytime, as long as your funds are not in an active trade.

So, can COTPS last if its paying up to 3.3% per day??

Well, I’m not really in much of a position to be able to tell you yes or no. My gut feeling is that it may start to slow down over time, as more people get involved and people’s accounts grow exponentially. There may come a time where the opportunities are harder to find as quickly as they’re being found currently.

There are lots of videos that you can find on Youtube, that show the source of the arbs on platforms like the Binance P2P trading platform, so that doesn’t concern me too much.

For now, as it is a relatively new platform, I think it’s a great opportunity to get in and make some quick cash! If you automate your trades to maximise the amount of return you can get, you can effectively double your money in 24 days (about 28 days if you’re doing it manually and you don’t forget to go on and click the button)

My suggestion if you’re interested in getting into COTPS, is to try and take out your risk as quickly as possible. So trade away until you have doubled your money, then take out your initial deposits, and carry on with house money!

How to get started in COTPS

  1. Head over to the site and set yourself up an account. Please feel free to use my ref link if you’d like to. https://www.cotps.com#/pages/login/register?invite=768862
  2. Click the ‘mine’ tab in the bottom right corner, and then click on recharge and copy the deposit address.
  3. Send USDT via the TRON network (TRC20) to the address. You can do this from Binance EU as well as other exchanges. Make sure you use TRC20 or you could lose your funds.
  4. Once you have your funds visible, click on the ‘transaction hall’ tab and then click ‘Immediate competition for orders’. This will find an arb for you to take advantage of. Click sell, and then confirm. You will repeat this step 4 times as your funds are split up into multiple trades.
  5. That’s it! Don’t forget to come back in 2h15m to do it all again!!

If you’d like to know more, please come and chat to me in telegram. https://t.me/Joeyatko.

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