By kenneth kayan | Job Interview Q&A | 5 Mar 2020

Tell me how you feel having some BAT in your wallet

Me am feeling fine, am tipping every valet

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And if you with me lemme hear you say


In BAT we trust*2

We can never get enough

We hodling it for life



My life is moving fast feels like am on the roller-coaster

With BAT in my wallet i just feel like a rockstar

BAT is my license plates the minute i buy my range rover

Love i got for BAT is like that the jehovahs  got for GOD 

To heck with chrome, opera am deep in for life am stuck with my brave for life

With BAT and Brave the sky is not the limit, its just the beginning we aiming for the moon, that so right

Forget a million dollars, all i need is a million BAT and i will sorted for life

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In BAT we Trust*2

We can never get enough

We hodling it for life



well thanks for reading, please share with me and the world in the comment section below what your plans are with your BAT cause me am hodling mine for life, and if you as well like my BAT anthem, make it a million BAT post by simply TIPPING, LIKING AND FOLLOWING.

kenneth kayan
kenneth kayan

Entrepreneur/life and business influencer

Job Interview Q&A
Job Interview Q&A

Applied for a job and you have waited for days, weeks or months, and all over a sudden you receive that breath taking phone call that you should appear for a job interview, well worry not as in this video, I share with you the Top 10 most interview asked questions and answers that will best sell you well and professional to your future employer.

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