TRYBE.ONE Presents: CoinStats Crypto Portfolio Content Competition

TRYBE.ONE Presents: CoinStats Crypto Portfolio Content Competition

Hello wonderful Trybalists, both old and new alike.  Once again it my pleasure to welcome you and sincerely hope that you have all been keeping good and well since last we had the pleasure.  As you may have already pieced together by the title of this piece, it is once again that time to inform you all about the latest TRYBE.ONE content competition.  And, let me tell you, if that doesn’t excite you enough already, the prize pool at a whopping 1 million TRYBE certainly should.  But, before we delve into the specifics, just a little background on our partner for this contest, the cryptocurrency portfolio management app CoinStats.

CoinStats is a top crypto portfolio tracker with over 300k monthly active users and 80k 5+ reviews on iOS store.  With the CoinStats crypto portfolio tracker app, users can easily connect wallets and exchange accounts to have them all easily accessible from one place. The CoinStats cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application can be utilized from iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Telegram Bot, Chrome Extension, Apple Watch, and Apple TV to track Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 5,000 other altcoin prices from upwards of 250 exchanges.  Users of CoinStats can sync the app to multiple exchanges and wallets to reflect automatically in their portfolio alleviating the necessity to add every transaction manually, and the results can be viewed across a plethora of localized fiat and crypto currencies in real time.  Other features of CoinStats cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app include

    • COIN RESEARCH: Find the next great coin. Coin Stats allows you to do advanced filtering, sorting, and research in order to find your next investment. You can access the latest data about any cryptocurrency, links to their website, Reddit, Twitter and read up to date news in order to get as much information as possible.
    • TRACK EVERY COIN: Never miss a buying or selling opportunity. Easily track and follow the prices of over 5,000 cryptocurrencies and access their charts and analytical data. You will be able to select the exchange you’re using or look at average prices across all exchanges. Also “favorite” coins you want to keep an eye on.
    • YOUR PORTFOLIO: See your entire portfolio on one screen. Set up your portfolio in Coin Stats either by manually adding your buy/sell transactions or syncing your exchange or wallets for a live view. Set up multiple portfolios easily.
    • PORTFOLIO SHARING: Compare your portfolio with friends and track your gains over time. You can share one or more of your portfolios with your friends and it will appear in their Coin Stats app.
    • ALERTS: Set up a price, limit, volume and market cap alerts for all the cryptocurrencies available so you don’t miss a single opportunity. We’ll let you know!
    • NEWS: Coin Stats brings all the crypto related news from over 40 sources to a single screen so you can easily stay on top of the market.
    • WEEKLY UPDATES: We move fast and update the Coin Stats app each week with more features and improvements for our users. You can check our backlog and plans at

CoinStats Content Competition On TRYBE.ONE

So, now it’s time for you the users to weigh in, as both we here at and the great creators at CoinStats want to hear your detailed thoughts on their product.  Of course, your honest and true opinions matter and we really do want to hear them, but in addition, there are also some other details that CoinStats and our team would like to hear your views upon.

  1. A general overview of the CoinStats crypto portfolio tracker usability and experience
  2. What are the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker features in the CoinStats app?
  3. How does CoinStats cryptocurrency portfolio management compare to other apps on the market?
  4. What are some features you feel could be added that could improve the CoinStats crypto tracker user experience?
  5. Advice to set up and navigate features of the CoinStats app for the best crypto portfolio tracker experience

And of course, anything else you feel would be useful to both new and old users, as well as the CoinStats cryptocurrency portfolio tracker developers and team enable the best crypto portfolio tracker and management for us all.

*Please feel free to copy and paste these headings or adapt them into your articles for easy organization and reference if you do so desire


Because the prize pool for this one is so big, we are going to be doing things a little differently than what those familiar with our past contests may be used to and offering a variety of ways to obtain part of the pot.

The CoinStats content competition will be one of our longest running 10 weeks.  Prizes will be divided between both weekly and overall contest winners.  Every week TRYBE.ONE and CoinStats team members will select the best two articles of the week and award a total of 50,000 TRYBE (30,000 & 20,000 respectively).  In addition, at the conclusion of the 10 week period, all entries will be ranked accordingly and prizes to the top 5 articles will be awarded as follows:

    • 1st: 120,000 TRYBE

    • 2nd: 110,000 TRYBE

    • 3rd: 100,000 TRYBE

    • 4th: 90,000 TRYBE

    • 5th: 80,000 TRYBE

So, as it stands there will be a total of 500,000 TRYBE up for grabs weekly, alongside 500,000 TRYBE to the overall best content pieces at the conclusion of the contest for a grand total of 1,000,000 TRYBE.  As it is a longer contest, the weekly prizes will be paid out in advance of the grand prize, so those wanting to count their earnings to the towards the staking functions for further bonus or power up their onsite balances for greater voting weight will not have to wait.  The cut off day for the weekly will be at the end of the day every Friday (23:39 UTC) starting from the 23rd of August and running through to the 1st of November 2019.

It should also be mentioned that should their be weeks where the weekly prizes are not given out, they will be distributed at the end of the contest as our teams see fit, either by distributing them evenly across the already existent prize pool, or by awarding special prizes to contestants that may have not made the Top 6 cut.  In order to be eligible for any prizes, your report must be a report of value and touch upon all the basis outlining what is being sought according to content guidelines.  As strict as this may sound, please remember that this is actually necessary as we don’t want people to get rewards on a loophole technicality because their entry was the only contender.  In other words, the TRYBE.ONE and CoinStats teams reserve the right to not award any prizes on both the weekly and final prizes should we feel the bar has fallen short of anything but the best content.  Apologies should you feel if this sounds harsh, but to do justice to both the great content creators amongst you, not to mention our partner for this endeavor CoinStats, we want the rewards to go to those that have taken the time to give the most comprehensive and best crypto portfolio CoinStats app reviews.  In other words, we are counting on you to bring some great content to TRYBE for this one, and we have upped the prize pool and structure to make sure that you do.

For those of you wondering what this all means, well as always, we are open to just about any kind of content that you want to throw our way.  But just to clear up any questions or prevent any misconceptions, here are some general guidelines to get you started.

We are looking for in depth reviews on the CoinStats cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, but whether you choose to do a video or written post will be completely up to you.  Although there is no steadfast rule, to put it bluntly whatever the piece you decide to submit should be worthy of the prize offerings.  In other words, the chances that you will be chosen for a prize with the submission of an article or video that only meet the minimum requirements for posting on TRYBE platform although not impossible, are quite slim.
For obvious reasons, each contestant will only be eligible for one weekly prize.  We will be counting the articles from the date of the first submission and although further edits previous to the date of the final tally are completely fine, this will not allow you to participate in the following weeks contest an adaption to the same piece.
It is completely your choice in your content creation considerations whether you choose to review the CoinStats crypto tracker app as a whole, or from the perspective of a specific device (aka iPhone, iPad, Chrome extension, Android, Apple Watch, etc.).  This is entirely your choice and in the end, it is the content presented that will be weighted and not whether you choose to focus on the specifics of being comprehensive in this regard.  In other words, so long as you answer the requirements outlined in the 5 points above, your entry will not be penalized should you decide to only focus on and write about one view method for the CoinStats crypto portfolio tracker.
Please make sure to place your entries in the both the ‘Trybe’ and ‘Content Competition’ categories, as well as making sure you add a cover image to your post.  Any title you choose is fine, but please make sure that the words ‘CoinStats Crypto Portfolio Tracker’ appear somewhere in the mix so as we do not miss it in our weekly and final evaluations.

And there it is ladies and gentlemen – all the details you need to get your entry in for the CoinStats Content Competition.  Now I guess all you need to do is hop on to where ever you may prefer and register or download for the CoinStats cryptocurrency tracker of your choice.

    • Download CoinStats for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Tv from the App Store here.
    • Download CoinStats from Google Play here.
    • Create an account or login from browser window here.
    • Add the CoinStats Google Chrome Extension here.

On a final note, since conjuring up this contest in collaboration with the CoinStats team, I myself have been slowly giving the cryptocurrency portfolio management and crypto tracker more face time over those I currently use.  I actually scoured the net for information and reviews and can honestly say from the moment I have embarked on this post, have been nothing more than impressed.  It really is amazing what the team has come up with thus far, and all because the founders ambition to move themselves away from a pattern of manually calculating losses and gains lead them to create an app for personal use that was later shared with the App Store.  From there, due to their hard work and diligence, they have procured a base of steady users and implemented more features all while hashing out in a timely and respectable manner any minor issues users may have experienced.  So regardless of whether you find the time submit a review or not – and with a prize pool of 1 million TRYBE over the next 10 plus weeks there really is no reason why you should not – please do check out all the wonderful features of what the CoinStats crypto portfolio tracker app team has brought so professionally to fruition.

And with that wonderful people of TRYBE and beyond, on behalf of the CoinStats and TRYBE.ONE teams, I wish you the best in all your endeavors and entries to this contest.  Until we have the pleasure once again then, do take care and be safe in whatever and where ever your trails may take you.

Your trybalist in creative arms, Jimmy D

CoinStats Crypto Portfolio Tracker App Official Links:

TRYBE.ONE Official Links:

*Due to the extensive nature of this contest, TRYBE.ONE and CoinStats reserves the right to slightly alter the content rules specified in this post should we feel that a) there is a misunderstanding of what is expected for eligible entries, and b) should we feel that word or video length minimums would better serve the contestants.  We will NOT however alter the structure of the contest as it pertains to the prize pool or weekly payouts.  In the case where we feel your entry does not justify a weekly prize due to lack of content, we will to the best of our abilities inform you so that should you so desire, the option to amend and resubmit to improve chances for a final prize will be available. It is a fine line between finding the balance of creativity and allowing for content that can be weighted and rewarded in these contests, and we do appreciate your understanding and support in matters such as these.

*To enter this competition please follow the link below under resources to the original article.  

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