CryptoMania Slots Review Content Competition & Promotional Event

CryptoMania Slots Review Content Competition & Promotional Event

It’s that time again whereby TRYBE.ONE has partnered up with yet another exciting EOS dApp to bring you our latest content competition.  In an effort to shake it up a bit and roll out something new, this content competition will be a little less researchy and a little more reviewy.  Our generous partner for this contest CryptoMania Slots will be chipping in to the prize pool of this exciting first ever TRYBE.ONE gambling dApp content competition review enabling even better rewards than the already sweet pot usually up for grabs.

For our first ever gambling dApp review the prizes are some of the best we’ve yet to offer.  Prizes will be divided amongst the winners, runners up, and community favorites across 2 key content categories and run in conjunction with player contests and promotional prizes utilizing the CryptoMania dApp as well.  Contestants are free to enter into any of the categories they do so choose as well as any of the promotional events for the duration of this event closing 3 weeks from today on July 29th, 2019 at 00:00:00 UTC.

CryptoMania Content Creation Competition

CryptoMania TrybeTv Video Review

  • Grand Prize: 20 EOS + 3,200 MANIA + 20,000 TRYBE
  • 2nd: 1,600 MANIA + 15,000 TRYBE
  • Video community vote: 10 EOS + 1,600 MANIA + 2,500 TRYBE

CryotoMania Post Review

  • Grand Prize: 20 EOS + 3,200 MANIA + 20,000 TRYBE
  • 2nd: 1,600 MANIA + 15,000 TRYBE
  • Article community vote: 10 EOS + 1,600 MANIA + 2,500 TRYBE

What Kind of Content Are CryptoMania and Trybe Looking For?

As always, that is pretty much completely up to you.  For the CryptoMania Video Review simply produce a video and post it to the Trybe Tv and Content Competition categories on the TRYBE.ONE site.  For the CryptoMania Trybe Post Review make sure your post adheres to TRYBE 500+ words guidelines and place it in the EOS dApps and Content Competition Categories.

Please feel free to shoot or write any kind of review you deem fit.  The last thing the TRYBE and CryptoMania Teams want to do is stifle your creativity.  Should you wish to a straight up game and site review, comparative review to real world casinos or other slot gambling dApps on EOS or beyond, tell us what you love about it, or even what you would like to see in the future from CryptoMania, well, we shall leave that completely up to you.  Oh, and there will be special bonus points awarded in the content tallying for the best CryptoMania slogan, so keep those creative juices flowing for that part of your posts too.

I would also recommend, although it is completely up to you, exploring the back areas of the CryptoMania site.  The site has a really nice layout and is pretty intuitive.  Included within the back areas of the site easily accessible through the menu tabs you will find a wealth of information to help you better understand the mission, operations, and many other things that went into making CrytpoMania what it has become.

** Multiple wins for single content producer possible (meaning you could win the video, written review, and any other of the promotional prizes should you be worthy)

CryptoMania PLAYERS CONTEST Promotional Event

CryptoMania Slots has also set aside an additional category for players to support this contest.  The rewards for the players contest are independent of the content competition and will only be for New CryptoMania players only.  In other words, should you like to get in on some great prizes whether you decide to write a post for the content part of the competition or not, feel free to jump on in here.

  • Prize for Biggest amount wagered: 🏆2,400 MANIA
  • Prize for Highest Win Multiple: 🥇1,600 MANIA🥈800 MANIA 🥉400 MANIA
  • Prize for Biggest EOS Win: 🥇1,600 MANIA🥈800 MANIA 🥉400 MANIA

In order to do so, click this link: or support a specific Trybe content creator by clicking the link shared in his article/video to enter the competition! (See below for how to create your own referral link that others can use).  After first spin via a Trybe link through Scatter, you are free to play from any device and wallet – and all bets will be counted towards the competition result!

Beyond Scatter, CryptoMania is supported on a variety of mobile wallets so keep your wallets peeled for this symbol on a wallet near you!!  Just don’t forget to be eligible for this contest you need to first follow the steps above for initial login.  Should you have any complications feel free to reach out in the comments below or directly to the Official CryptoMania Telegram channel (

In addition to regular winnings and being eligible for the above prizes, CryptoMania also has a generous mining scheme that will benefit your CryptoMania dedicated account.

The MANIA tokens that you earn can also be staked on the platform to incur more dividends in the future if you so desire.  In total, CrytpoMania has put up over 1% of their circulating supply to be distributed amongst the members of the TRYBE community in this contest.

Invite Players to Participate in the “Player Contest” with your Affiliate Link for Huge Rewards!

  1. Every bet made via your affiliate link will earn you 0.2% of all wagers made via your url.
  2. Every bet made via your affiliate link will transfer 0.2% of total wager amount + 10% of MANIA mined into Trybe dedicated account that will be staked to generate even better prizes for future contests.
  3. Trybe dedicated account EOS earnings will be divided between content producers who attracts the most unique users via their affiliate link:
  • 1st place:   50% of referral EOS
  • 2nd place: 30% of referral EOS
  • 3rd place:  20% of referral EOS 


In order to create your own personal referral link which will generate rewards for you and allow you to be eligible for the EOS referral prizes above, simply copy this link and replace the myusername with your EOS account name.

After shooting your video or writing your review, please do create a referral link and post it on to your own social media channels.  This will increase your chances for more EOS winnings whether you win the content competition or not. 

*Special note:  We are well aware that some other platforms that you may use require you to post content there first.  As is the Trybe policy, we accept content posted on other platforms first so long as it is your original content.  In the case that other platforms will not publish articles posted on Trybe first and because of the unique nature of this contest, we will accept posts UNLIKE IN OTHER CONTESTS that have been posted elsewhere first.

For those of you wondering what Trybe will do with their bonuses, well, Trybe will add them to the prizes in future content competitions at our discretion and be giving back even more to the community of great content creators that you all have become.    In fact, the trybeonefund account is designed specifically for this purpose, to give back to you – the TRYBE.ONE community – in future contest prizes for the great content we know you all have in you.  And a big thanks to CrytpoMania on this for getting the ball rolling and making this added portion of future Trybe content rewards possible.

So there you have it folks, the CryptoMania Trybe Content Competition complete with adjacent Promotional Events.  I really hope that you have fun with this one as well are responsible in both your gameplay and promotions.  There are some pretty big prizes to both be earned and won here, and depending upon who you are and what you are about these will apply to you in varying ways.  There have been some pretty big wins on the CryptoMania platform, but do keep things in check and play responsibly.  We’d much rather have you enjoy your time over an extended period than go all in more than you should and disappear with a bad taste in your mouth.  Check out the CryptoMania site direct for the details regarding being provably fair (and include these in your review).  Also should you happen to win big that would just be fantastic as well.

We really do look forward to seeing what you think think of CryptoMania Slots both in your reviews and your gameplay and are really excited to be able to put together this join competition in tandem with CryptoMania and TRYBE to enable those willing the most varied ways to be rewarded yet.  Just exploring all that I have thus far on the CryptoMania spot and knowing our community as I think I do, I can only imagine the wonderful things to come!!

On behalf of the CryptoMania and Trybe,one teams,

Your trybalist in creative arms, Jimmy D

*** Disclaimer: Please be aware that this is a gambling dApp so please do play responsibly.  Any loses incurred due to use of the CryptoMania dApp or the links provided in this post are the sole responsibility of the user and not myself,, or the CryptoMania platform.  Please understand that you enter into this contest willingly and you play willingly of your own free volition.  Please read the terms of use and the inherent risk involved with gambling directly from the CryptoMania website and understand that this is a promotional contest brought to you by and CryptoMania Slots for the sole purpose of content creation and entertainment.  Cryptocurrencies of all kinds are highly speculative assets and so too is gambling whether on or off the blockchain. and CryptoMania urge to to understand the regulations and rules in the juristictions that you reside and understand that any role beyond such legally binding laws are the sole responsibility of the content creators and players of this contest event and not of and CryptoMania Slots.


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