CryptoMania Slots Content Competition Winners

CryptoMania Slots Content Competition Winners

Hello wonderful people of Trybe.  Hope this message finds you all in the best of spirits where ever and whenever you may happen to be.

Just a short post today to announce the winners to the CryptoMania Slots Content Competition that recently took place on the TRYBE.ONE platform.  As you may recall, there were various facets to this contest so a few prizes to award for this one.  For a complete breakdown of the prizes and how they were orientated please see the above post.

For the CryptoMania TrybeTv Video Review the prize goes to Paul for his A Short Trip To The World of Decentralized Slot Gaming – Crypto Mania piece.  If you have not yet seen it, you can check it out here:

The prize: 30 EOS + 4,800 MANIA + 22,500 TRYBE

For the CryptoMania TRYBE.ONE Post Review, both entries as noted in the CryptoMania Slots Content Competition Community Voting Now Live!! post were both amazingly done and absolutely wonderful pieces.  If you have yet to read and rate these please do, as both contestants clearly put a lot of time and energy into their submissions.

CryptoMania: A Provably Fair EOS Based Slot Game Comprehensive Review by Paul

Meet “Cryptomania”: A New Frontier For Cryptocurrency and Slots Game by Samuel

Beginning with the community vote then, the results when tallied across the comments in the community voting and private message submissions came to 15:9 in favor of Samuel.  The prize for the community vote totals 10 EOS + 1,600 MANIA + 2,500 TRYBE.

The Grand Prize as designated by the TRYBE.ONE and CryptoMania teams was a difficult decision as both articles were excellently done. In fact, even for the community vote portion we had quite a few users suggest that they either could not decide, voted for both equally, or even decided though the flip of a coin or some other trivial means.  Considering CryptoMania appreciated both the efforts our contestants put into their pieces, we have decided that for the grand and runner up prizes to the written component of the contest to just split the combined totals down the middle and give both contestants 10 EOS + 2,400 MANIA + 18,000 TRYBE.  That then brings the totals for both the video and written contests to 40 EOS + 7,200 MANIA + 40,500 TRYBE for Paul, and 20 EOS + 4,000 MANIA + 20,500 TRYBE to Samuel.

As usual, the winners should contact me either via private message on the TRYBE.ONE site or through the Trybe Telegram official channel in order to get your account details squared away and your prizes sent off.  And a special thank you to both from me to you for taking the time to write such wonderful reviews for our partner in this endeavor, CryptoMania.

In regards to CryptoMania, I’d like to personally thank them as well for putting up such great prizes to this contest and being such an absolute pleasure and joy to collaborate with.  I really did enjoy my time with them in the designing of this contest and can honestly say that the people in the backdrop of the project are all really great people on the job and beyond, so thanks CryptoMania for the opportunity to collaborate and for helping to keep Trybe content competitions unique and ever-changing in their diversity of offerings.

On a closing note, for those unaware TRYBE.ONE has just recently rolled out our latest content competition with yet more great prizes for content creators.  Have you not already done so, please check it out here:

TRYBE.ONE Presents: CoinStats Crypto Portfolio Tracker Content Competition

And with that good people of TRYBE, I bid you a safe and pleasant whatever where ever you may happen to be.  On behalf of the CryptoMania and TRYBE.ONE teams with a jackpot of hearts across the slot machine that is life, love, and laughter, we sincerely appreciate your support and thank you.

Your trybalist in creative arms, Jimmy D

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