By Jencai | Jencai | 8 Aug 2020


   Earn your favourite cryptocurrencies by doing multiple tasks such as filling out surveys, offerwalls, watching videos and much more! Much more features like achievements, daily bonus, level rewards and await!

✅ Support 8 cryptocurrencies

✅ Lots of ways to earn money

✅ Direct payments to your wallet

✅ Levels, bonuses, daily rank rewards, daily achievements and much more features

 - This website works like an auto faucet, it allows you to automatically claim multiple currencies at once on the same page without doing anything! This helps you earn your favourite currencies and level up at the same time.



 * How to start using this site?

      - After a simple registration which asks for email confirmation you can start using Fire Faucet. You should start with adding your coin addresses on the Wallet Addresses page page. After that you should check the settings page to fine tune your settings. Now you are ready to actually claim. Go to the Dashboard page, check the different coins you want to claim and click Start Auto Faucet.

* Where do I get paid?

      -They currently support withdrawals to your own personal wallet or Faucetpay microwallet. The choice is yours!    

  * How can get free Auto claims?

      - There are multiple ways to earn free Auto Claim Points (ACP). Doing Shortlinks and Offerwalls, watching PTC ads, and collecting every 30 minutes from the ACP Faucet will all give you ACP. You can find all these options on the Dashboard page.

* What are activity points?

       -Activity points are used to determine activity of users, like the more they claim, do shortlinks, mine, do faucets, or refer friends, the earn Activity points. Top 10 users everyday who have the most activity points are rewarded.


1st Place : 10 Dogecoins

2nd Place : 5 Dogecoins

3rd Place : 2.5 Dogecoins

4th-10th : 1 Dogecoin each!

11th-20th : 0.5 Dogecoin each!


📌 Link : https://firefaucet.win

🔹 You can withdraw without deposit, this is 100% free

🔹 Earn more satoshi as much as you can



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