The World of Crypto: What We’ve Lost Along The Way

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Remember the beginning? 


Remember the 10,000 BTCs spent on Two Pizzas from Papa Johns?

Remember when BTC was worth 0.22$?

Remember when ETH hit the market?

If you can remember these few events, you’ve been around for a while in the Crypto Hemisphere.

Today’s Cryptonomics have changed.

The world of Crypto Currency has developed into a quagmire of thousands of coins.


Some coins are minted with a few clicks of a website. Others become pointless endeavors and wasted projects. Some become high priced tokens and coins that hardly anyone can afford to buy into.

As much as I hate to say it, things haven’t exactly changed for the better.

In fact, we’ve ended up in a sort of self manufactured fiat crypto currency world that has no good ending.

A world of crypto wars, greed and inflation has taken over the world of decentralized currencies and financial freedom.

Think I’m wrong?


Can you not now borrow coins and tokens?

Loan them out with interest?

Buy them and store them only to trade them for a more promising currency or asset? Like money?

It’s funny to me that we believe we’ve created a revolution in financial freedom, only to see crypto head down the same path that all currencies since the dawn of time have fallen victim to.

That’s because no matter what form of wealth creation we create, we always manipulate it towards making us more money, creating more wealth and all along, we lose sight of the meaning behind our initial reasoning.

BTC was made to fight government-controlled, centralized, inflated fiat currencies.

The issue is, the very reason people started developing BTC, is now the same reason we’ve managed to land in the same spot that spurred BTC to be created.

Billions are traded every day. Our crypto worth is based on the dollar. Look at your wallets, does it not say what your assets are worth in dollars?

While that doesn't mean much, it is part of the problem.

We climbed a wall, proclaimed victory and then jumped right back into the same place we climbed out of.

Am I complaining? No. Not at all. Just being honest about what we’ve lost along the way to financial freedom and decentralized currencies.

The main fact I'm trying to bring to light is how everything went from decentralized to now centralized. Exchanges now horde the wealth of our satoshism and have centralized the decentralized, the complete opposite of the very reason Bitcoin was created.

Perhaps one day, someone will develop something new but even if we do, it will eventually end up in the same fashion of an outcome.

How do we solve this? I have a very simple answer, but even that has a price tag.

Decentralization via one currency that will break the mold. Which one is hard to say but to kill the greed, honestly, the only way in my opinion is to create a personal crypto. A individual self mined, self labeled, personal crypto.

Sounds nuts right? 

If what we've lost along the way is the idea, perhaps a better idea can save the original idea...

A individually issued personal crypto..

Think about it and tell me I'm wrong.


Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Podcast Host for Smash and Grab Investments. A Writer with 1000s of Articles and Reviews. Trusted and Honest Content Creator.

Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Writer and Podcast Host for Smash and Grab Investments.

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