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The numbers speak for themselves.

There are over 3000 alt coins out there, with more being added to the list everyday. Some are worth getting to know and some are worth leaving behind. Being able to sort out the best picks from the masses takes time, research and attention to details.


I spend roughly 8 to 12 hours a day grooming the list of coins out there. Sometimes we come across great coins with a novels worth of information and data behind it, but still turn out to be duds and lost ventures. Some are leftovers from coins swaps, and will be abandoned once the swap is over, or already have been abandoned with empty promises behind them to keep them part of some monstrous program that has no true potential or never will be actually implemented into a real use case scenario.

On occasion and very seldomly do we run arcoss Alts in the 200-500 plus rank range that have actual potential. We study these with a fine eye focused on certain aspects of their issued parameters and the team behind them.

A few of the things we look at…

Age: How long the coin or token has been in the market.

Roadmap: What is this token or coin for? What will it be used for? Is it just for the trade markets or does it have business value behind it? What is the future outlook and who is the team behind it and what are they doing?

Planned swap or move: Will this token or coin keep its title or be swapped into another blockchain or will it face a swap out for another rebrand? Does it have a feature that might make it obsolete or cause it to be swapped into a another platform?

What is it: Is it a coin, a token or something else?

Price and Market movements: What was the issuing price and what is it now? Did it hit the marlet and fall or did it hit the market and float or rise?

Marketcap: Do the numbers add up? Are the lengths of the market life add up to the volume of trade and circulation?

Community: Does it have one? Did it? How was it managed or is managed? Is the community thriving or dead in the water?

After we inspect our choices we then look for them on exchanges. We tend to look at the volume and the pairing. We want to know if the coin is carrying value or being left at the bottom of the heap.

The next few that we list have passed our inspections. What you need to do is do your own research and soend the time needed to make a wise choice between passing them by or buying them up.


VeChain (VET) Has a great score with us so far. Great business components and a smart history behind it. Read up on it. Take a dive into the data behind VET on your own.


Multivac (MTV) Made great marks on our personal score card. Great community. Strong Cms. Great roadmap and business minded. Same applies, do your research into MTV and see if you find it worthwhile.


Use Chain (USE) Carries a ton of potential and marketing. A good business plan and roadmap. Community is doing well, small but has plenty of time to grow. Again, do your own research.


Go chain (GO) A note worthy project. Possible to see GO go places. A pretty unique chain token with a pretty good business roadmap. Research this and let us know what you think.


Trials Token (TRY) A smart and potent token with a good future ahead for it. Working well in the market but not gathering much traction yet, but still has plenty of potential and time to grow.

Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Podcast Host for Smash and Grab Investments. A Writer with 1000s of Articles and Reviews. Trusted and Honest Content Creator.

Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Writer and Podcast Host for Smash and Grab Investments.

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